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Getting a Indian Visa in Shanghai III

By Bryan | china, india, shanghai, travel

  Part of obtaining an Indian visa in Shanghai consists of navigating a series of [&hellip

Getting an Indian Visa in Shanghai II

By Bryan | china, india, life, shanghai, travel

The Guangdong Development Bank Tower at 555 Xu Jia Hui Road is a rather unassuming [&hellip

Getting an Indian Visa in Shanghai Part I

By Bryan | china, shanghai, travel

I titled this part I because I am fairly certain that there are going to [&hellip

Yes…YOU have my wallet

By Bryan | personal

If wondering whose wallet you have in your hands persuaded you towards google…you may have [&hellip

Last week in Nanjing

By Bryan | china, life, nanjing

Life in the Big Red without a passport is like life without arms or legs [&hellip