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Getting a Indian Visa in Shanghai III

  Part of obtaining an Indian visa in Shanghai consists of navigating a series of flooded streets in a torrential downpour.  Only upon successfully completing this daunting challenge is an candidate considered worthy for the responsibilities of holding said visa. How is the Indian government expected to look out for their foreign guests if they […]

Getting an Indian Visa in Shanghai II

The Guangdong Development Bank Tower at 555 Xu Jia Hui Road is a rather unassuming building. A typical, early 00’s 35+ floor Chinese modernist piece.  The stained white square tiled landscaping, the water/dust tarnished exterior stone material,  the marble encased entrance, the marble flooring, the bored security guards, the empty and abused floor space, the […]

Getting an Indian Visa in Shanghai Part I

I titled this part I because I am fairly certain that there are going to be subsequent entries.  Shades of gray from last years Russian visa experience. My morning email transaction. Hello, I’m a Canadian passport holder with a Chinese F-Category visa.  I would like to know if I qualify to apply for  an Indian […]

Yes…YOU have my wallet

If wondering whose wallet you have in your hands persuaded you towards google…you may have encountered ME!.  Yes…you have it…you found it on a bus from Bohinj to Ljubjana and didn’t bother to give it back to me as I stepped off the bus (It fell out of my pocket and was most likely sitting […]

Last week in Nanjing

Life in the Big Red without a passport is like life without arms or legs – you are consistently denied service, forced into a helpless infant like position in which you must rely upon many others for otherwise simple and menial tasks. For the record…yes I do have numerous copies of my passport (which is […]

How to get a Russian visa in Shanghai

If you have been wasting time on the is site you are probably aware that I’ve been whining about the perils of obtaining visas from the Russian consulate in Shanghai. I’ve decided to fuse my story with some information so anyone who happens to stumble to this post via some clever search words will have […]

Russian Visa II

Leaving tonight bound for Shanghai fo a 9:15am appointment with the friendly neighbourhood Russkie consulate.   Fingers are crossed.

Russian Visa

I’ve been slowly creating itineraries and plans for my upcoming cross-asia adventure and the planning is proving to be quite the adventure itself.  I’m not much of a planned traveller.  This isn’t to say that I don’t have a plan and that I just ‘go’ to places randomly with little thought, but rather than I […]


I call them BCD’s or Bad China Days. It began with a 02:30 departure time from Nanjing Railway Station on a train, which had originated deep within the Chinese countryside at a sleepy city called Yinchuan 银川. Of course, at the time of purchase, I had little idea of exactly where this town was, nor […]

Urban Navigator

Big downtown Vancouver adventure today. Well, not really. There are a few people (you know who you are…) who claim that I cannot navigate the urban landscape. I held my own quite admirably. Picked up my plane ticket and then exchanged a hefty amount of loonies for Maobacks. Never have handled that much real live […]

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