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Cambridge – Tour de France 2014
Cambridge - Tour de France 2014

I vaguely remember being lectured about Cambridge at planning school. I either wasn’t interested, or four years of often low-ball government work has seriously dulled my academic memory.  What I do remember was that it was apparently awesome and probably the best example of a walkable, cyclist friend, car hostile town in the world.  That’s […]

We feel you are not quite the right fit for us at this time–REVISED

A revised entry, with much appreciated input from my SURP friends.  Modified slightly from what will be sent to the relevant planning associations. I spent much of November 2010 discussing with a number of my planning school colleagues the miserable job situation many of us have been dealing with for most of 2010. The discussions […]

We feel you are not quite the right fit for us at this time.
We feel you are not quite the right fit for us at this time.

I’ve been having discussions with a number of my colleagues from planning school regarding the shitty job situation the majority of us seem to find ourselves in.  The discussions range from job search strategies, to networking to water-cooler tips to life as an unskilled worker to “wtf am I going to do when my loans […]

Jasper – May 2010
Jasper – May 2010

Jasper, Alberta is the exchange point between The Canadian and The Skeena, with the latter running between Jasper and Prince Rupert.  I remember when I was about 10 years old I decided that I wanted to live in Jasper.  That hasn’t changed.  Young population with everyone zipping around on mountain bikes.  My kind of scene.  […]

Portsmouth Village
Portsmouth Village

Although I don’t really live in Portsmouth Village, I like to say I do.  Technically, I live in Alwington neighbourhood, which is right on the eastern edge of Portsmouth Village.  Close enough.  *tangent* – recently (past three months or so) I’ve noticed that I’m becoming more ambivalent (than usual)  toward planning research.  As identified in […]

Walking: Second Class Citizen?
Walking: Second Class Citizen?

I’ve was working on a brief regarding the walking/cycling school bus methodology for one of my classes when I came across this quote in one of the papers I was reading: Despite  the  accepted  health  benefits  of  walking,  in  some Western  cities  it  has  become  an almost  counter-cultural  activity,  and  ‘a  sign  of powerlessness  or  […]

The Most Dangerous Coffee in Kingston
The Most Dangerous Coffee in Kingston

I’m in a transit planning class and our first assignment has us evaluating an intermodal journey.  This basically means we have to walk, skip and jump our way to another city via the street, public transit and some sort of other non-car mode…then write about what we liked and didn’t.  Grad School is tough (honestly […]


Map and raster geek alert. The Province of BC has posted a bunch of their geo data online @ Distributed in kind of a webGIS format, the webpage presently incorporates parcel data, forest covers, health services into Microsoft Bing Maps.  Fairly basic data set at the moment, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it […]

Industrial Cities
Industrial Cities

Sherlock Holmes has some great cg visuals of the late-nineteenth century city.  I’ve always been interested in that particular historical time period probably because the heavy mechanical stylization of the period includes the product and tech ancestors of much of the items that surround us today.   Filthy?  Unsanitary?  Absolutely.  Would I want to live that […]

Ant Tribes

Ant tribes in the Chinese suburbs They are like ants: clever, weak and living in groups A new term (for me, at least) describing a sub-cohort of China’s massive migrant worker population.  From my understanding of the article, name is applied to the 22-29 year old, largely rural floating population in China’s major cities.  Rather […]

Prison Land

Why would I be mentioning King Penitentiary?  I often walk past it on my way down to Portsmouth Village and usually there is line of vehicles parked in front of the King Street entrance.  Visitors.  It is a rather depressing sight actually.  I often wonder who they are visiting.  Kingston Penitentiary is home to some […]

Leh – August 2009

Having officially been declared H1N1 clear and suitable for transit, our convoy moved into the Ladakh region of Jammu-Kashmir province, India.  Sharing and uncanning resemblance to the TAR plateau in both landscape, architecture, and culture (it is an extension of the plateaus, being on the ‘Chinook’ side of the Himalayas) Ladakh is the trekking/outdoor enthusiast […]

Shanghai Spaces: Lower Suzhou Creek III

Looking across to the north bank from the isolated green boardwalk.  Those particular units have probably been there for over 100 years and are a good example of residential units that use to exist along the river.  Don’t get nostalgic tough, those units are really poor condition and probably should be torn down.  What they […]

Shanghai Spaces: Lower Suzhou Creek II

Looking across to the south side of from Si Hang Warehouse Suzhou Creek meanders itself through some newer condominium developments which could be a sign of items to come on the lesser developed north bank.  One must continually switch back and forth between the north and south banks in order to avoid both construction and […]

Shanghai Spaces: Lower Suzhou Creek I

With the amazing architecture of the Bund, the awesome skyline of Lu Jia Zuii and the Expo 2010 site, it is probably easy to say that Huangpu River exists as Shanghai’s predominant water body.  However, the Huangpu retains it’s industrial soul, Lu Jia Zui is a little too much image,  the Bund a little too […]

Shanghai Spaces: Wu Jiao Chang 五角场 – A classic Mainland commercial centre

There isn’t much happening around Fudan University.  I wouldn’t regard the place as quite the ‘sticks’ but its far enough out and it’s present poor urban rail connection makes is rather isolated from the rest of Shanghai.  Line 3 is walkable, but it’s not something one wants to do more than once a day…never if […]

Shanghai Spaces: Da Ning Life Hub

I first visiting Da Ning about a week ago and I was quite impressed with what I saw and noted that I needed to go back to take a closer look at what was going on there. It would be stretch to state that this is a fantastic space.  It’s somewhat isolated, and while it […]

The Canadian Pavilion – Expo 2010

I was expecting Douglas Fir, Cedar, stone, lots and lots of glass and a totem pole thrown in somewhere, which are usually the to-go-to materials for anything Canadian designed for an international audience. Very un-Canadian…which is probably why I kind of like it 🙂 I’m not sure what they are trying to do with this.  […]

Shanghai From Yang Pu District

Taken from the Foreign Students Residence at Fudan University on a reasonable clear afternoon. Lujiazui – looking south from the top floor. Shanghai Financial Centre to the left, with the Jin Mao Tower to the right. Don’t forget the Pearl Tower.  Black photo, colour photo.  What does it really matter?           […]

How to melt one’s brain in 12 easy hours – A day at the China International Urban Planning Conference

Some topics of note: Perceptions of Shanghai – Politics of Built Form (Foreign interpretation regarding the rise of Shanghai…from hybrid city to…hybrid city). Urban Renewal Under Shenzhen’s Rapid Urbanization (a 30 year old modelcity undergoing urban renewal) Revitalizing Genes and Curing the Body – The Regeneration Road of Nanshi District in Yining City in Xinjiang […]

Land Use Change in Shanghai 1939 – 2009

1939 air photo of Puxi (west side of the Huangpu River) and Pudong (east side of the Huangpu River).  Click to enlarge. 2009 Google satellite image of approximately the same area.

Nanjing III – Xuan Wu Lake – 玄武湖
Nanjing III – Xuan Wu Lake - 玄武湖

The Greenland Plaza has now become a bit of a skyline marker in Nanjing and is visible from most of the important areas within the city.  I drop the GLP probably too often…but it is like my skyscraper baby – I watched the initial foundation excavation and was present for all the major moments in […]

Nanjing II – Nanjing University 南京大学
Nanjing II – Nanjing University 南京大学

Familiar spaces become very different after living in them them, then visiting them after a prolonged absence. Nanjing University campus is a good example.  I lived just a block away from this campus for several years and walked through it or nearby it on a regular basis, drank beer in on its street curbs and […]

Nanjing I – May 2009

When I initially wrote my ‘proposal’ for my program’s Fudan exchange, I prominently included Nanjing as a potential observational site.  This was chiefly because of my familiarity with the city, the area and a somewhat layman’s understanding of what the location was trying to achieve.  My goals for revisiting included a deeper exploration of some […]

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