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One night in Moscow

Not actually anything to do with Moscow. I will openly admit that my experience with European ideas, opinions, cultures and ideologies is minimal – but I am increasingly suprised at the strong differences between Anglo-Saxon and American values versus what has been termed by some as “old Europe”. Initially it would appear strange given the […]

Obama in Nanjing

Obama’s smiling face graced the pages of a number of local dailies on display in my local Suguo CVS this morning. I’ll admit that I only maintain a passive, layman following of US presidential politics. As a non-eligible voter my opinion amounts to squat and this probably influences the amount of time I dedicate to […]

Chinese Oceanic Power
World Deterrent
Radioactive Man
The New Socialist Countryside
Looking for Chopsticks in Africa
Should we be in Afghanistan? II
Pierre Berton 1920-2004

Canadian author and historian Pierre Berton died today. Pierre Berton, who died yesterday at age 84 after a long career as an author, newspaper columnist, television and radio commentator may well be best remembered as the writer who made Canadian history fun. Through his bestselling books — The National Dream, The Last Spike, The Dionne […]

Space Exams

I held oral examinations for my class today. I was required to structure the exam exactly like the oral component of the IELTS. Problem is, although I know the structure of the test, my marking guide basically consists of two or three sentences for each band score (IELTS marks are handed out as bands, from […]

Arm Chair Generals

It seems like the whole world will be watching this one. The battle for control of Fallujah — seen by U.S. and Iraqi authorities as crucial for the pacification of Iraq — has begun with air strikes and a major buildup of force outside the Sunni city. The next stage — a potentially very violent, […]


This past weeked has really backed up my work schedule, not a lot of time for posting, but I wanted to mention that everyone should read The Walrus. It’s sort of like the Canadian version of the very, very, very good Atlantic magazine. Couldn’t resist this…for all of you people whining about how Canadian ‘soverigntry’ […]

Missle Defense

I know I’m deviating from my recent Chinese theme, but I want to throw in my two bits on some Canadian issues. Parliament is set to vote on involvement in the American fronted missile defense project, and it looks like it is going to pass. “The government agreed Monday to hold a Commons vote on […]

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