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Public Transit in Nanjing

After several weeks of lecturing regarding the financial and time benefits of utilizing the Nanjing transit system, I managed to convince a friend to step on one of the buses….and the verdict is…”Ah, it wasn’t that bad!”Exactly. It never will cease to amaze me how few foreigners take advantage of this system and rely completely […]

In the Line of Duty

I haven’t quite figured out the pricing system in China. Western food and products are, not surprisingly, more expensive. Items such as jam, peanut butter, coffee and western brands usually sell for a little less than their western price. For instance, I paid about 23 kuai for a small (250ml) jar of Maxwell house coffee. […]

Hello Laowai!

Got my first one today. Taking a taxi back from the Travel Hospital (by myself…hey!…it is a big deal when your entire Mandarin vocabulary consists of ni hao and xie-xie) when a Santana (volkswagon) full of 20 somethings pulled up beside us. “Hello Laowai! Hello!!”. Complete with waving.

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