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Coffee in the Peace
Coffee in the Peace

When I lived in Nanjing, I wrote a short piece on the various coffee joints found scattered around that great city (that must now be horribly out of date) and I did the same for when I lived in Kingston, including my not-so-flattering thoughts on the Starbucks off the 401.  Lacking any decent cafe’s I […]

The Most Dangerous Coffee in Kingston
The Most Dangerous Coffee in Kingston

I’m in a transit planning class and our first assignment has us evaluating an intermodal journey.  This basically means we have to walk, skip and jump our way to another city via the street, public transit and some sort of other non-car mode…then write about what we liked and didn’t.  Grad School is tough (honestly […]

Coffee in Nanjing

Coffee ‘culture’ seems to be really taking off in Nanjing. This isn’t to say that it is a relatively new phenomenon as international coffee house brands have been in China (and Nanjing) for awhile.When I first arrived, Starbucks had a three store presence in Nanjing.  The two outlets in Xinjiekou (Da Yang and the now […]


I call them BCD’s or Bad China Days. It began with a 02:30 departure time from Nanjing Railway Station on a train, which had originated deep within the Chinese countryside at a sleepy city called Yinchuan 银川. Of course, at the time of purchase, I had little idea of exactly where this town was, nor […]

Black Coffee

MT Blacklist is up and running with it’s surprising large spam database. I’m hoping that that will solve my my comment problems. In addition to Starbucks, it would appear that the Blenz Coffee company also has their fingers in China. There’s a place nearby NNU and I was there last night with a friend of […]

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