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Last weekend of the season!
Last weekend of the season!

Just about ready to blast out to the hill for the last couple days of the 2012 season!  The slush cup awaits, as does my first BCIT examination on Monday…soils…booo. Going to try out Pilsner Urquell this weekend.  Apparently it is the original pilsner beer and thankfully isn’t spelt the same way as Steve Urkel. […]

Winter 2011
Winter 2011

Some stuff from last week.

Tremblant ‘10
Tremblant ‘10

I spent the last two days bombing around Quebec’s Mont Tremblant ski resort.  I wanted to get the Eastern Canadian ski experience while I’m still out east and get a coffee mug to prove it. Tremblant is an IntraWest instant resort-in-a-can, with the standard pedestrian village,  hot spring spa, tubing, skating and over-priced food stuffs.   […]

Azu Winter

The season is getting closer… Season of never-ending snowmobile engine difficulties… Can’t hide.   Exactly…one month!

October Stuff

Squeeze an image/media entry in amongst the seemingly ever mounting SURP work. From the CBC a few days back and while it is hardly an original comparison, I had to insert the images (just because I’m a Star Wars geek). This is an eigenharp, created 2009 and not in a galaxy, far, far away.  It’s […]

Holidays 2008

Some items of note from the past week of snowbounded holidays Crazy weather and cancelled flight nonesense Making it home via public housing on wheels (aka Greyhound Bus) Having first Christmas at home in 4 years Spending a lot of time at the ski cabin which now appears to have aquired satellite internet (at dial-up […]

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