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Urban Air Bases
Urban Air Bases

Every third or fourth day, military aircraft will rip back and forth over the skies of Fudan University, on manoeuvres, playing war games, training or perhaps just flying the flag to the students below. I can hear them right now and rationally, I am quite interested where they are basing from.  Airports and airfields are […]

Most Hideous Building in the World?
Most Hideous Building in the World?

No, it’s not the CCTV Headquarters building…which I strangely kind of like, even though it appears to epitomize masturbatory architecture and sky-line wonks nor does it fit at all into the surrounding fabric…I remain strangely drawn to it.  I can’t seem to explain my new found attraction towards good ultra-modernist design.  I could blame, […]

Canada’s Top Infrastructure Projects
Canada’s Top Infrastructure Projects

Canada Line – Vancouver Romaine Hydroelectric Complex Project $6.5 Billion Hydro Quebec’s monster generating project in North-eastern Quebec.  1550 MW with a completion date of 2020. Bruce A Nuclear Generating Station Restart $5.25 Billion Refurbishing of two CANDU reactors 250km north of Toronto on Lake Huron and construction of two additional reactors to be completed […]


After over a week of nonsense, I’m rather relieved that (with the exception of a disagreeing wireless driver) my computer is back and running in top form. 200RMB for a new CD drive (to install XP), 200RMB to repair my external HD, which contained item which, ironically, I placed there to be safe and 200RMB […]

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