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Man on the Moon (1930-2012)
Man on the Moon (1930-2012)

I was returning from a day in the mountains, chowing on a Tetsa River cinnamon/driving when the news flowed over the satellite radio that Neil Armstrong has passed away.  I’ve always been a fan of space exploration and had the opportunity to visit the Kennedy Space Centre when I was in high school.  Some where […]

New Design
New Design

I found in the ten-odd years that I’ve operated this website, that the best way to get back into regular posting is a total redesign.  This is my fourth design, and I’ve chosen an aesthetic that throws more emphasis on photos.  It also updates a number of new WordPress features that have appeared over the […]

End of the Ride…
End of the Ride…

My colleague and I gave our final presentation about Fudan University and the China exchange at noon today. I’ve never been sad after a presentation.  Usually I’m ecstatic. In some ways, this presentation could represent the end of my China adventures…and I’m quite sad about that.  Standing up in front of the dozen or so […]

Russian Visa II

Leaving tonight bound for Shanghai fo a 9:15am appointment with the friendly neighbourhood Russkie consulate.   Fingers are crossed.

Wow, you still have a website?

About a month ago (March?) I realized that it had been roughly a year since I had posted on, or done anything with, my website…except pay hosting and domain fees! Since I have some time at the moment and I’m also feeling in a somewhat creative mood, I mused that it would be a good […]

An Inconvenient Truth
Environment 2007
Trouble (can’t think of a better heading)
Confessions of a Tingbudonged Foreigner
Noodle Madness
China Pants

I decided yesterday that I needed another pair of black pants, I’ve got several already, but aside from the weekend, it’s pretty much all I wear. So yesterday I moseyed on down to the Zellers-esque store that’s relatively close to my apartment. I’ve been here a month and a half and have had trouble on […]


I just might get this desperate. The new facility will be the second- largest of its kind in the world – second only to an indoor ski area in suburban Tokyo – offering a 40-meter-high hill with trails that run more than 300 meters in length, according to the developer Shanghai Dashun Hokkaido Skiing Co. […]

Left and Right Labels

I completely lost it with someone on a forums I frequent. Their post was the last straw for me in a series of similar encounters on several forums involving similar circumstances. I ignored it, but not today. I wrote my original response in haste, but I wanted to clarify here. Over the past several years […]

Star Trek Test

K, this Myers-Briggs test is for the geeks…. My results. Myers-Briggs would say that you are an INTP (Introvert, Intuitive, Thinker, Perceiver). In Star Trek language, you share a basic personality configuration with Worf. People like you are generally quiet until you have something important to say. You are extremely independent and fiercely private. You’re […]


I made a mistake, I had six hours of class today, not four. Six is pushing my comfort level, especially when two periods are after 6:30pm. Good news is, I won’t be enlisted for any additional lessons, and I’m not expected to appear at any English corners. In between periods I registered with the local […]

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