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Canada’s Top Infrastructure Projects
Canada’s Top Infrastructure Projects

Canada Line – Vancouver Romaine Hydroelectric Complex Project $6.5 Billion Hydro Quebec’s monster generating project in North-eastern Quebec.  1550 MW with a completion date of 2020. Bruce A Nuclear Generating Station Restart $5.25 Billion Refurbishing of two CANDU reactors 250km north of Toronto on Lake Huron and construction of two additional reactors to be completed […]

New airports in China

It would appear that the Chinese government remains confident regarding the price and uninterrupted supply of oil…as well as very bullish about future airline passenger numbers. China drafted a long-term plan for development of air cargo, which will require the building of 97 new airports, consolidation of smaller airports and upgrading of certain key airports […]

An Inconvenient Truth
Canadian Oil
The PLA in Africa
Powering Asia
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World Deterrent
Looking for Chopsticks in Africa
Confessions of a Tingbudonged Foreigner
China, B.C. II
China, B.C.
Dig it?

For the past two days the city has been ripping up the street outside of my apartment. I believe they are running a natural gas line into the residential area, but it could be for a number of reasons. The strip hole is being dug by hand, with the assistance of a single jackhammer powered […]

Got Wood?

In terms the resource scarcity problems facing the P.R.C., the energy plight of Chinese cities often receives the most media attention. Energy is the most basic resource unit, from which all other resources are derived, it is also the one resource which can be said that everyone is concerned about. Therefore, it is not surprising […]

Tanked Relations

Relations between the P.R.C. and their island neighbor Japan, have never exactly been what one would describe as ‘warm’…and I would suspect that they won’t be getting any warmer with this blunder on Japan’s part. Japan’s Kyodo news agency reportedly revealed on Sunday the country’s Defense Agency will revise its security strategy based upon three […]


This past weeked has really backed up my work schedule, not a lot of time for posting, but I wanted to mention that everyone should read The Walrus. It’s sort of like the Canadian version of the very, very, very good Atlantic magazine. Couldn’t resist this…for all of you people whining about how Canadian ‘soverigntry’ […]

Declaration of War

I encountered my very first cockroach, and this wasn’t any ordinary roach…this fellow was a freakin’ M1A1 battle tank. Press Release In an emergency all-night parliamentary meeting, the government of the Republic of Bryan voted unanimously to ignore the UN Rules Governing the Conduct of War and Armed Conflict and pursue a policy of genocide. […]

“Free drinks for foreigners”

“What?” Yeah, but I’ll get to that later. Two weeks of teaching now under my belt, well three if you count the one week practicum I had way back in May. I am noticing that the preparation is becoming easier. I had to play catch up for the previous two weeks. Oral IELTS is my […]


After surfing around the thirty five or so channels I receive in my room, I’ve learned the following… 1. Oil of Olay has cornered the ‘turn your skin white’ market in China. 2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have found a new home. 3. “Mr. Sparkle detergent” style advertisments are not found just in Japan. 4. […]

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