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New airports in China

It would appear that the Chinese government remains confident regarding the price and uninterrupted supply of oil…as well as very bullish about future airline passenger numbers. China drafted a long-term plan for development of air cargo, which will require the building of 97 new airports, consolidation of smaller airports and upgrading of certain key airports […]

Nepal Photography IV

I’ve just completed uploading and tagging the second to last installment (and easily the best) of photos from Nepal.  I’ve also corrected some errors in the gallery viewer and re-uploaded the previous photo installment from Everest Base Camp which went missing from some unknown reason. Like I said in a previous post, some of these […]

Nepal Photography III

I’ve placed several more base camp photo groups in the gallery. These ones will take you right up and into the Nepalese Base Camp. I was extremely lucky to have this opportunity as it is not common to have expeditions in camp during this time, nor is it common for trekkers to be allowed into […]

Nepal Photography II

I’m debating the best way to post my Nepal side Everest Base Camp photos as I have many…too many  This was an EPIC trek, and I think it rates as the most amazing thing I’ve done.  Mindblowing.  All of my travels are dear to me, but there was just something about this place… Currently, I’ve […]

Nepal Photography

The total gallery count is up to 2153 photos. This number only includes half of my Nepalese photos and none of the shots I took this past winter in Southeast Asia. By the time I get those up the count will most likely be pushing 3000. New additions from my time on the Tibet/Nepal border, […]

High Altitude Poaching
No Mo Mao
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