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Mt. Fitz Roy – Day Three
Mt. Fitz Roy - Day Three

Straight south of Piedra del Fraile is Col. Electrico (1880m).  Just a baby.  However, it’s a 1000m four hour slog straight up a somewhat maintained trail to the base camp @1500m (with another hundred or so to the viewpoint at Paso del Cuadrado).  This last trek in Patagonia is a good example of why it […]

Mt. Fitz Roy – Day Two
Mt. Fitz Roy - Day Two

C.B. Poincenot is one of those conveniently located trekking camps that accommodates early morning hikes to strategically located vistas (all without the nuisance of carrying along your gear).  Lago Los Tres is about 40 steep minutes from C.B Poincenot and certainly worth the time.  It’s also where I left my nice pair of wool gloves. […]

Mt. Fitz Roy – Day One
Mt. Fitz Roy - Day One

Argentina is crammed full of cool little towns, especially near the mountains.  El Chalten is one such location.  Cool and rustic with an edge of unfulfilled promises, El Chalten was developed from the ground up (a planner’s dream case-study, by the way) in 1985 as a deterrent toward Chile with a side consideration as a […]

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