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Industrial Cities
Industrial Cities

Sherlock Holmes has some great cg visuals of the late-nineteenth century city.  I’ve always been interested in that particular historical time period probably because the heavy mechanical stylization of the period includes the product and tech ancestors of much of the items that surround us today.   Filthy?  Unsanitary?  Absolutely.  Would I want to live that […]

The Departed
Tie one on
The Alamo

I finally got around to seeing the Alamo. I missed it during it’s run in the theaters and have been waiting rather intently for the DVD debut. I’ve seen several other movie versions of this famous battle and was naturally curious about the tempo and nature of the latest rendition. The film was alright…although I […]

Back in Black

Five days after version 4.0 was up and running, my server rent ran out (I wasn’t even notified) and I lost everything…again. After scrambling around to find a new webhost that was cheap yet well equipped, I finally found a decent, with just barely enough time to spare to pull it all together. Leaving for […]

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