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August ’08 – Moscow

By Bryan | photography, tokyo to paris overland, travel

The last batch of images from Russia. My friend and I  were tossed off the [&hellip

City of Billionaires

By Bryan | surp, urban planning

Moscow the most expensive city in the world?  Absolutely! The cheapest hostel I could find [&hellip

Manufactured Landscapes

By Bryan | photography

I wish I could take photos like this.  I consider night photos (especially clear, crisp [&hellip

One night in Moscow

By Bryan | personal, politics, tokyo to paris overland, travel

Not actually anything to do with Moscow. I will openly admit that my experience with [&hellip

Train 031 Vladivostok to Irkutsk July 22-25 2008

By Bryan | tokyo to paris overland, travel

Traveling the Trans-Siberian Railway is really traveling the Trans-Siberian railway. Lots of traveling and not [&hellip