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August ’08 – The Mighty Baikal

The deepest, baddest lake in the world.  The second adjective is somewhat subjective as I’m not clear as to what exactly makes a lake “bad”…although it would morph into a great name for an travel company…B3 (B-cubed) for Big Bad Baikal Adventures. A great part of Russia.  In many ways I felt like I was […]

Train 031 Vladivostok to Irkutsk July 22-25 2008

Traveling the Trans-Siberian Railway is really traveling the Trans-Siberian railway. Lots of traveling and not much doing. This fits rather fine with me since I fall into the category of a person who enjoys the traveling aspect of new countries. I enjoy seeing and doing things as well, but I can quite happily stare out […]

Environment 2007
Part Seven: Tourism and the Environment in Mongolia. Land of the blue sky and broken bottles.
Blogging, with Chinese characteristics
Part Six: Gers, Airag and Vodka
Part Five: Traveling in Mongolia
Part Four: Saving Private Bryan
Part Three: Ulaan Bataar…What is this place?
Part Two: Deluxe Class
Back again, back again
Mongol Hordes
Bryan’s Planned* March North with a Tin Hat
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