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After over a week of nonsense, I’m rather relieved that (with the exception of a disagreeing wireless driver) my computer is back and running in top form. 200RMB for a new CD drive (to install XP), 200RMB to repair my external HD, which contained item which, ironically, I placed there to be safe and 200RMB […]

Got Mandarin?
Looking for Chopsticks in Africa
Huo er guo si

I was walking to campus this afternoon to plan out my lessons for tomorrow and this old dude on a bicycle rode up beside me and started chattin’ away to me in Chinese. Like I’ve mentioned earlier, I really don’t speak any Mandarin, and it is very hard to learn when a) you are not […]

The Blue Sky

Last night, Annie took me down to Hunan Road which, I am told, is the ‘place’ to be on weekend nights. Somewhere, I don’t know exactly (despite being a geography grad and surveyor) along Hunan Road is this massive pedestrian boulevard. This storefront and building lights here are incredible. That, coupled with the sheer number […]

Hello Laowai!

Got my first one today. Taking a taxi back from the Travel Hospital (by myself…hey!…it is a big deal when your entire Mandarin vocabulary consists of ni hao and xie-xie) when a Santana (volkswagon) full of 20 somethings pulled up beside us. “Hello Laowai! Hello!!”. Complete with waving.

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