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Prison Land

Why would I be mentioning King Penitentiary?  I often walk past it on my way down to Portsmouth Village and usually there is line of vehicles parked in front of the King Street entrance.  Visitors.  It is a rather depressing sight actually.  I often wonder who they are visiting.  Kingston Penitentiary is home to some […]

Land Use Change in Shanghai 1939 – 2009

1939 air photo of Puxi (west side of the Huangpu River) and Pudong (east side of the Huangpu River).  Click to enlarge. 2009 Google satellite image of approximately the same area.

Boom Times
Boom Times

The placement of munitions factories popped up in a lecture today regarding an old Second World War arms factory in Ajax, Ontario.  For obvious reason, war-time munition factories required a clear 5km buffer radius around the site.  A five kilometer radius is a considerable amount of idle land surrounding an industrial land-use and I was […]

Stauffer Library

I was a bit of a library/book nerd when I was an undergrad (actually, probably ever since I became a library helper in grade 5).  Having such an occupation would involve numerous hours browsing around looking for interesting items in a university library.  That’s right…in a university library looking for non-fiction books to read that […]

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