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It’s not new, and I wouldn’t say it is as good at tangling one up within the depths of the internet as Wikipedia…and it probably isn’t quite there yet on the technology side…but Wolfram|Alpha is pretty neat. Wolfram Alpha (often stylized as Wolfram|Alpha) is an answer engine developed by Wolfram Research. It is an online […]

Google Hong Kong
Google Hong Kong is toast… Welcome to I had thought for awhile that Google might pull something like this and try to keep their presence by bouncing off their uncensored .hk domain.  I’m curious to see what happens next.  Will be blocked outright on the Mainland? (it was intermittently blocked in the past) and what […]

Google Bomb – They’ve finally had it…
Google Bomb -  They’ve finally had it…

I can’t get enough.  I’ve only been watching China for about 7 years (not too long) but I’ve never come across a shaking story like this.  Google is annoyed…pissed is probably an more appropriate description. Some of my thoughts. While their human rights dimension is probably smoke-screen whipped up for Western fans, Google is making […]

The Canadian Pavilion – Expo 2010

I was expecting Douglas Fir, Cedar, stone, lots and lots of glass and a totem pole thrown in somewhere, which are usually the to-go-to materials for anything Canadian designed for an international audience. Very un-Canadian…which is probably why I kind of like it 🙂 I’m not sure what they are trying to do with this.  […]

Internet Overlords

Facebook is now blocked in China. You know sometimes when I walk the streets of Shanghai I think “wow, amazing…really, truly amazing…maybe we have a leader here”. Then they go pull stuff like this….. and I think…”no…not even close”

Wikipedia and the Mumbai Attack

I am continually surprised with how quickly information appears on wikipedia.  Indian special forces units have cleared out the last remaining resistance in the Taj Hotel earlier this morning and there is apparently still concern that there might be more terrorists still hidden in the hotel.  Needless to say, the event in ongoing even as […]

Getting back into the feeds – Blogs, Beijing, RSS

For the time being I’ve opted against purchasing Internet for my apartment largely because of the expense incurred for just one user and the fact that SURP has a very decent connection and wireless is available all over campus.  This means I can’t browse the headlines in the morning or in the evening (unless I’m […]

Notebook Death

My old averatec officially passed away.  The monitor no longer functions thus effectively removing my ability to keep a decent journal of my activities.  The ability to sit down and type away at when I had the time is one reason I decided to make frequent posts.  Tracking down affordable net-bars just isn’t a very […]

Twitter me this
Twitter me this

This post most likely provides ample evidence that I was not swallowed by the earth or buried in rubble. Unfortunately, many other people have. Tens of thousands of people across southwest China remained buried beneath rubble on Tuesday as rescue workers struggled to reach areas cut off by a powerful earthquake that has left thousands […]

Environment 2007
Trouble (can’t think of a better heading)
Blogging, with Chinese characteristics
A few blogs worth reading.
Chinese Nuclear Policy
Should we be in Afghanistan? II
Fun at China Telecom
Confessions of a Tingbudonged Foreigner
Nanjing PLA
One week

Intense frustration with internet combined with utter bewilderment at the mentality, rationality and disrespect people some show to others was a sign that I needed to get away. A week was good, and now I’m back. I also caved in and purchased a mobile phone, and so far it is one of the best purchases […]


I just might get this desperate. The new facility will be the second- largest of its kind in the world – second only to an indoor ski area in suburban Tokyo – offering a 40-meter-high hill with trails that run more than 300 meters in length, according to the developer Shanghai Dashun Hokkaido Skiing Co. […]

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