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The Onion has been bought out by State Controlled Media!

America’s Finest News Source is now owned by Yu Wan Mei: Amalgamated Fisheries Salvage and Polymer Injection Corp… NEW YORK—According to all sources, the People’s Republic of China is strong. The nation is united, the military unmatched, the economy vibrant, and the people ever joyful. Brilliant! Read it all 🙂 I don’t remember the Onion […]


I was referred to this by my friend who is currently working in Shanghai. Really. Funny….especially if you have spent time working, living or traveling in that country. Apparently there are over 700 photos of sleeping Chinese. I’m just using it as an excuse to get a lame post in.

Some websites

A colleague walks into my office yesterday and introduces me to tiny little site called Stuff White People Like – with the proviso that he isn’t going to be responsible for any procrastination or large amounts of time lost as a result of this introduction. I haven’t laughed that consistently since Tropic Thunder.  Probably my […]

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