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Most Hideous Building in the World?
Most Hideous Building in the World?

No, it’s not the CCTV Headquarters building…which I strangely kind of like, even though it appears to epitomize masturbatory architecture and sky-line wonks nor does it fit at all into the surrounding fabric…I remain strangely drawn to it.  I can’t seem to explain my new found attraction towards good ultra-modernist design.  I could blame, […]

Skyscraper Fire
Skyscraper Fire

I’ve never seen, except in movies and the time that my building in SimTower caught on fire, a high-rise blaze. The hotel complex to the side of the main, two-legged leaning structure was engulfed in fire from top to bottom. The cause of the fire was not confirmed, but local residents said it had been […]

Park View Dingshan
Park View Dingshan

The Park View Dingshan Hotel (丁山花园大酒店)is another Nanjing real estate anomaly and easily as puzzling as the Greenland Financial Center. An afore mentioned warning…the following is written by someone who hasn’t got a clue what he is talking about and is really just a bunch of mush observations backed up by hardly any evidence thrashed […]

Huo er guo si
Hotel Rwanda

I was wondering when a film was going to be made about this.

Security Guards

The Nanshan Hotel is the international area of campus, and as such is crawling with security personnal. Every entrance has a security booth, complete with a guard all dressed up in his pseudo military uniform. I seriously feel sorry for these dudes. They just sit there. Occasionally I might see one chattin’ in up with […]

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