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SURP 2008 – 2010
SURP 2008 – 2010

In September 2008 I wrote my first SURP-related blog entry.  I was hoping to have some more inspired thoughts for my last entry in an attempt to jive with the first, yet my head remains firmly incapacitated from a very long night of liver abuse.  So I don’t.  I’ve just got this photo. Two years.  […]

Walking: Second Class Citizen?
Walking: Second Class Citizen?

I’ve was working on a brief regarding the walking/cycling school bus methodology for one of my classes when I came across this quote in one of the papers I was reading: Despite  the  accepted  health  benefits  of  walking,  in  some Western  cities  it  has  become  an almost  counter-cultural  activity,  and  ‘a  sign  of powerlessness  or  […]


Seven years of website fun! I suppose I could have waited until a 10 year operational anniversary, but…I needed a good topic for the first post of the year. Connected with descendents of my Great Uncle’s Typhoon squadron Was provided information regarding a memorial cairn created for my Great-Uncle in France. Acquired a long-term internet […]


Inconsequential entry about nothing other than to note that I am aware that I still have a blog and that I haven’t scribble or added content since the 24th… Hmmm… good good study study day day up… 


Yeah, I’m still around – but don’t expect any big post in the next few weeks.  If you do, it is because I need to bust myself away from the super-duper exciting world of planning school examination/project period. I swear, I will die at my computer…while using AutoCAD.  I’m not kidding when I say my […]

Some websites

A colleague walks into my office yesterday and introduces me to tiny little site called Stuff White People Like – with the proviso that he isn’t going to be responsible for any procrastination or large amounts of time lost as a result of this introduction. I haven’t laughed that consistently since Tropic Thunder.  Probably my […]


The Homecoming tradition is not much of a tradition in Canada…in fact, if one considers Wikipedia to be the all seeing, all knowing authority on anything and everything then there are only really two Canadian institutions that observe this phenomenon.  Queen’s and Western…and I happen to find myself at one of them. Homecoming is a […]

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