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Google Hong Kong
Google Hong Kong is toast… Welcome to I had thought for awhile that Google might pull something like this and try to keep their presence by bouncing off their uncensored .hk domain.  I’m curious to see what happens next.  Will be blocked outright on the Mainland? (it was intermittently blocked in the past) and what […]

Google Street View
Google Street View

Yeah, it has been out for awhile, but in my ignorance I had no idea its saturation level into some countries, notably the USA, Japan, Australia and Europe.  I’m quite impressed.  I’m going to use Cape Vincent as an example of some of the places Street View has documented.  Cape Vincent is in the US, […]

Google Bomb II

Like I’ve mentioned before, I believe the censorship and human rights dimensions of Google’s pull-out argument is largely smoke-screen done in an effort to make-up with Western audiences in regards to their controversial 2006 decision to base their servers on the Mainland. What I don’t think is being discussed enough in media is the simple […]

Google Bomb – They’ve finally had it…
Google Bomb -  They’ve finally had it…

I can’t get enough.  I’ve only been watching China for about 7 years (not too long) but I’ve never come across a shaking story like this.  Google is annoyed…pissed is probably an more appropriate description. Some of my thoughts. While their human rights dimension is probably smoke-screen whipped up for Western fans, Google is making […]

Yes…YOU have my wallet

If wondering whose wallet you have in your hands persuaded you towards google…you may have encountered ME!.  Yes…you have it…you found it on a bus from Bohinj to Ljubjana and didn’t bother to give it back to me as I stepped off the bus (It fell out of my pocket and was most likely sitting […]

Google Search Keywords and Me

I was debating whether or not to share this tidbit of inside information but have since decided that it is now post worthy. This change is probably not only because I find this particular item slightly amusing and maybe even a little pitiful also because I think it highlights how much information can be gathered […]

A few blogs worth reading.
In the Line of Duty
Asia Times

Google news appears to have made a return to China, although it is rather intermittent and proving to be unreliable as a consistent source of information. The good news is I’ve found an absolute gold mine of China and Asian related news and information paraphernalia over at the Asia Times. This decked URL is one […]


Google News, my primary source of well…news…has spiraled down into complete uselessness. Yahoo isn’t much better. Therefore, I am denied a very good news crawler and must resort to individually surfing around various sites for tidbits from the outside world. However, I can get CBC radio, unfortunately my free time doesn’t correspond to their programming […]

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