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Mt. Fitz Roy – Day Two
Mt. Fitz Roy - Day Two

C.B. Poincenot is one of those conveniently located trekking camps that accommodates early morning hikes to strategically located vistas (all without the nuisance of carrying along your gear).  Lago Los Tres is about 40 steep minutes from C.B Poincenot and certainly worth the time.  It’s also where I left my nice pair of wool gloves. […]

Mt. Fitz Roy – Day One
Mt. Fitz Roy - Day One

Argentina is crammed full of cool little towns, especially near the mountains.  El Chalten is one such location.  Cool and rustic with an edge of unfulfilled promises, El Chalten was developed from the ground up (a planner’s dream case-study, by the way) in 1985 as a deterrent toward Chile with a side consideration as a […]

Back to Argentina
Back to Argentina

From Puerto Natales it is a quick hop to the Argentinian border where one is immediately reminded that the Falkland Islands (if you didn’t know) do indeed belong to Argentina (best to ignore that they were decisively defeated by the UK in 1982).  The 30th anniversary of that conflict was being ‘celebrated’ while I was […]

Through the Beagle–Like the West Coast of British Columbia…but not really
Through the Beagle–Like the West Coast of British Columbia…but not really

One of three navigable channels linking the South Pacific to the South Atlantic, the Beagle Channel earned it’s name from the passing of the HMS Beagle in 1833, carrying a relatively unknown naturalist named Charles Darwin.  Given it’s relatively narrow attributes, most of the large ship traffic chooses the more southerly Drake Passage or northerly […]

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