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The West Highland Way 3/4 – Critreoch Forest to Strathfillian Wigwams
The West Highland Way 3/4 – Critreoch Forest to Strathfillian Wigwams

I have combined my third and fourth days on the WHW into one entry largely because my third day was utterly horrible from both a aesthetic and physical perspective.  Leading the morning trek from Critreoch Forest was another scorching day of +30 degree weather.  What was suppose to be a 20KM trek to Inverarnan and […]

Notebook Death

My old averatec officially passed away.  The monitor no longer functions thus effectively removing my ability to keep a decent journal of my activities.  The ability to sit down and type away at when I had the time is one reason I decided to make frequent posts.  Tracking down affordable net-bars just isn’t a very […]

One night in Moscow

Not actually anything to do with Moscow. I will openly admit that my experience with European ideas, opinions, cultures and ideologies is minimal – but I am increasingly suprised at the strong differences between Anglo-Saxon and American values versus what has been termed by some as “old Europe”. Initially it would appear strange given the […]

Drive-by Debating

I’ve been slacking off with the content lately eh? My students are in the process of selecting their university and their area of study, so as of two days ago I’ve had to climb the learning curve and become an expert on British higher education. I haven’t told them about drive-by-debating yet. Peter Griffin (Family […]

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