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Canada is often praised for
Confessions of a Tingbudonged Foreigner
Gaseous Situation

A few days ago I mentioned a little about the ongoing dispute between China and Japan. Apparently a few days ago, the Japanese Self Defense Forces caught a Han Class Chinese nuclear submarinesnooping around Japanese waters. China, of course, is denying the allegations. Japan is linking the intrusion to an ongoing dispute over natural gas […]

Tanked Relations

Relations between the P.R.C. and their island neighbor Japan, have never exactly been what one would describe as ‘warm’…and I would suspect that they won’t be getting any warmer with this blunder on Japan’s part. Japan’s Kyodo news agency reportedly revealed on Sunday the country’s Defense Agency will revise its security strategy based upon three […]


I find myself back over in Vancouver for the remainder of my stay in Canada. I had a box (a combination backlash against cool, deck and all of those other words) weekend over in Victoria. One of the best I’ve had in along time. More dancing than I could shake a leg at. Drinking beer […]

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