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Earth Hour 2012–Fail

The criticisms of Earth Hour are quite scathing and I generally agree with many of them.  Still, might as well try to do something. Despite the slacktivistic nature of Earth Hour, choosing to observe it in a genuine fashion can be difficult within even the most progressive communities, and thus, damn near impossible in a […]

Wolfe Island Wind Farms

As an Ontario newb, I generally have no idea what is going on in this province and this ignorance presents a rather large liability when studying a profession that is heavily weighted towards local examples.  Take for example an upcoming presentation I am giving on Ontario’s latest sexed up regional ‘smart-growth’ plan.  The region in […]

New airports in China

It would appear that the Chinese government remains confident regarding the price and uninterrupted supply of oil…as well as very bullish about future airline passenger numbers. China drafted a long-term plan for development of air cargo, which will require the building of 97 new airports, consolidation of smaller airports and upgrading of certain key airports […]

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Powering Asia
Chinese Oceanic Power
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Got Wood?

In terms the resource scarcity problems facing the P.R.C., the energy plight of Chinese cities often receives the most media attention. Energy is the most basic resource unit, from which all other resources are derived, it is also the one resource which can be said that everyone is concerned about. Therefore, it is not surprising […]


From the Guardian. Some 200 million people could be left out in the cold in China this winter, the state-run media warned yesterday, as energy shortages threatened the traditional switching on of the nation’s centrally planned central heating system. The China Daily said Beijing has only 50% of the coal it needs this winter, while […]

Tanked Relations

Relations between the P.R.C. and their island neighbor Japan, have never exactly been what one would describe as ‘warm’…and I would suspect that they won’t be getting any warmer with this blunder on Japan’s part. Japan’s Kyodo news agency reportedly revealed on Sunday the country’s Defense Agency will revise its security strategy based upon three […]


This past weeked has really backed up my work schedule, not a lot of time for posting, but I wanted to mention that everyone should read The Walrus. It’s sort of like the Canadian version of the very, very, very good Atlantic magazine. Couldn’t resist this…for all of you people whining about how Canadian ‘soverigntry’ […]

Red Green

China has not signed on to Kyoto, yet they still appear to be taking their own measures to reduce their emissions. However, this is largely the result of necessity and economic desire, rather than by moral obligation (which seem to be the main reason for reducing GHG’s in Canada). “Li was quoted as saying China’s […]

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