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A good library is essential for living near the top of British Columbia
A good library is essential for living near the top of British Columbia

I used to buy a lot of books.  Text books to cheezy Star Trek novels.  I had no qualms about dropping piles of dough on a trip to Chapters, Munro’s or Bolen’s when I was living in Victoria.  I had fun in used bookstores too.  Then I used to just wander into bookstores to look…or […]

Coffee in the Peace
Coffee in the Peace

When I lived in Nanjing, I wrote a short piece on the various coffee joints found scattered around that great city (that must now be horribly out of date) and I did the same for when I lived in Kingston, including my not-so-flattering thoughts on the Starbucks off the 401.  Lacking any decent cafe’s I […]

The Most Dangerous Coffee in Kingston
The Most Dangerous Coffee in Kingston

I’m in a transit planning class and our first assignment has us evaluating an intermodal journey.  This basically means we have to walk, skip and jump our way to another city via the street, public transit and some sort of other non-car mode…then write about what we liked and didn’t.  Grad School is tough (honestly […]

More Coffee

With a pseudo “Asian” theme interior design complete with required bamboo pieces (not sure if they are real or of the plastic variety) and hip wood tables with aluminum seating, easily takes the tea/beverage experience up from the grimy couches of the CoGro. The wide selection of interesting magazines I noticed on my last visit […]

Coffee and Gyms

I’m not generally against coffee house background music, provided it adhere within the confines of the term ‘background music, tubed music, canned music or even shit music’.  Several places of coffee persuasion can be found within the limestone quarry of Queen’s campus and the particular one I am patronizing at the moment chooses to play […]

Don’t pull my tail! Cats and coffee in Tokyo

Wi-fi and magazines not enough for you? Tokyo – Just around the corner from the pulsing blare and brightness of the Akihabara electronics and anime district, cafe Neko JaLaLa is an oasis of calm. Past the brass, paw-handled door to the inner sanctum, denizens loll on the thick carpet, drape over couches, and almost purr […]

Coffee in Nanjing

Coffee ‘culture’ seems to be really taking off in Nanjing. This isn’t to say that it is a relatively new phenomenon as international coffee house brands have been in China (and Nanjing) for awhile.When I first arrived, Starbucks had a three store presence in Nanjing.  The two outlets in Xinjiekou (Da Yang and the now […]

Shaobing Pizza
Black Coffee

MT Blacklist is up and running with it’s surprising large spam database. I’m hoping that that will solve my my comment problems. In addition to Starbucks, it would appear that the Blenz Coffee company also has their fingers in China. There’s a place nearby NNU and I was there last night with a friend of […]

Left and Right Labels

I completely lost it with someone on a forums I frequent. Their post was the last straw for me in a series of similar encounters on several forums involving similar circumstances. I ignored it, but not today. I wrote my original response in haste, but I wanted to clarify here. Over the past several years […]


I haven’t quite figured out the pricing system in China. Western food and products are, not surprisingly, more expensive. Items such as jam, peanut butter, coffee and western brands usually sell for a little less than their western price. For instance, I paid about 23 kuai for a small (250ml) jar of Maxwell house coffee. […]

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