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Pineapples II
Pineapples II

Pineapple season (missing photo) was always something I looked forward to during the Nanjing days (most the few posts have been referencing times past…must be feeling nostalgic).  Arriving by the dump-truck load, the pineapples would be piled into every nook and cranny of your local street fruit/vegetable merchant.  A whole pineapple would set one back […]

…this match will determine once and for all which is the greatest nation on earth: North Korea or Portugal!
...this match will determine once and for all which is the greatest nation on earth: North Korea or Portugal!

    North Korea vs. Portugal 21 June  8:30am (AT) Lots floating around about North Korea’s attempt (105th in FIFA rankings) at football dominance in 2010. Of course, it was only a matter of time before the Dear Leader would be invoked as the force behind the team. The North Korean player who scored a […]

Margo Carter – Queen’s of Tiger Leaping Gorge II
Margo Carter – Queen’s of Tiger Leaping Gorge II

A few weeks ago I wrote a post regarding the passing of Margo Carter, a long time Australian resident of Tiger Leaping Gorge in Yunnan Province, China.  I received some email feedback and have been asked to post the following. I read with great interest the comments on running into Margo Carter, the Australian woman […]


Either love or hate the ideologies behind big box book stores such as Chapters-Indigo, but one cannot deny that they have some fairly killer book deals when Ms. Reisman is looking to drop some of her older stock.  Yeah, yeah, I know it’s not the public library or fake book shop prices, but hey, 50% […]

Margo – Queen of Tiger Leaping Gorge
Margo – Queen of Tiger Leaping Gorge

Sometimes my RSS feed tosses a news morsel my way.  Today is was a piece regarding the passing of an apparent fixture on the Yunnan backpacking circuit. Via In the Footsteps of Joseph Rock His group were surprised – to say the least – to be passed by a lone western woman traveling at speed […]

Google Hong Kong
Google Hong Kong is toast… Welcome to I had thought for awhile that Google might pull something like this and try to keep their presence by bouncing off their uncensored .hk domain.  I’m curious to see what happens next.  Will be blocked outright on the Mainland? (it was intermittently blocked in the past) and what […]

Last Train Home
Last Train Home

The Kingston Canadian Film Festival screened Lixin Fan’s Last Train Home this past Sunday afternoon. While the train and station scenes brilliantly visualize the annual railway struggle, the film is more about the shaky situation of the migrant worker family in 21st century China.  From the richest Shanghai families down to the poorest migrants, China […]

End of the Ride…
End of the Ride…

My colleague and I gave our final presentation about Fudan University and the China exchange at noon today. I’ve never been sad after a presentation.  Usually I’m ecstatic. In some ways, this presentation could represent the end of my China adventures…and I’m quite sad about that.  Standing up in front of the dozen or so […]

Ant Tribes

Ant tribes in the Chinese suburbs They are like ants: clever, weak and living in groups A new term (for me, at least) describing a sub-cohort of China’s massive migrant worker population.  From my understanding of the article, name is applied to the 22-29 year old, largely rural floating population in China’s major cities.  Rather […]

Beijing to New York on foot

Nice to see hear of folks who still carry compasses around with them when they travel.  Moscow Times: Far East border guards have detained a Chinese man who said he was traveling to New York from China by foot, RIA-Novosti reported Thursday. The traveler, a young man who was not identified, was expensively dressed and […]

Google Bomb II

Like I’ve mentioned before, I believe the censorship and human rights dimensions of Google’s pull-out argument is largely smoke-screen done in an effort to make-up with Western audiences in regards to their controversial 2006 decision to base their servers on the Mainland. What I don’t think is being discussed enough in media is the simple […]

Google Bomb – They’ve finally had it…
Google Bomb -  They’ve finally had it…

I can’t get enough.  I’ve only been watching China for about 7 years (not too long) but I’ve never come across a shaking story like this.  Google is annoyed…pissed is probably an more appropriate description. Some of my thoughts. While their human rights dimension is probably smoke-screen whipped up for Western fans, Google is making […]

October Stuff

Squeeze an image/media entry in amongst the seemingly ever mounting SURP work. From the CBC a few days back and while it is hardly an original comparison, I had to insert the images (just because I’m a Star Wars geek). This is an eigenharp, created 2009 and not in a galaxy, far, far away.  It’s […]

Shanghai Spaces: Lower Suzhou Creek III

Looking across to the north bank from the isolated green boardwalk.  Those particular units have probably been there for over 100 years and are a good example of residential units that use to exist along the river.  Don’t get nostalgic tough, those units are really poor condition and probably should be torn down.  What they […]

Shanghai Spaces: Lower Suzhou Creek II

Looking across to the south side of from Si Hang Warehouse Suzhou Creek meanders itself through some newer condominium developments which could be a sign of items to come on the lesser developed north bank.  One must continually switch back and forth between the north and south banks in order to avoid both construction and […]

Shanghai Spaces: Lower Suzhou Creek I

With the amazing architecture of the Bund, the awesome skyline of Lu Jia Zuii and the Expo 2010 site, it is probably easy to say that Huangpu River exists as Shanghai’s predominant water body.  However, the Huangpu retains it’s industrial soul, Lu Jia Zui is a little too much image,  the Bund a little too […]

Getting a Indian Visa in Shanghai III

  Part of obtaining an Indian visa in Shanghai consists of navigating a series of flooded streets in a torrential downpour.  Only upon successfully completing this daunting challenge is an candidate considered worthy for the responsibilities of holding said visa. How is the Indian government expected to look out for their foreign guests if they […]

Shanghai Spaces: Wu Jiao Chang 五角场 – A classic Mainland commercial centre

There isn’t much happening around Fudan University.  I wouldn’t regard the place as quite the ‘sticks’ but its far enough out and it’s present poor urban rail connection makes is rather isolated from the rest of Shanghai.  Line 3 is walkable, but it’s not something one wants to do more than once a day…never if […]

Conversation with a North Korean

I was meaning to mention this awhile ago, but didn’t get around to it until now.  For the first month or so in Shanghai I was sharing a floor with four or five North Koreans. At first I wasn’t sure if they were North Koreans, but the presence of little North Korean flags taped to […]

Shanghai Spaces: Da Ning Life Hub

I first visiting Da Ning about a week ago and I was quite impressed with what I saw and noted that I needed to go back to take a closer look at what was going on there. It would be stretch to state that this is a fantastic space.  It’s somewhat isolated, and while it […]

The Onion has been bought out by State Controlled Media!

America’s Finest News Source is now owned by Yu Wan Mei: Amalgamated Fisheries Salvage and Polymer Injection Corp… NEW YORK—According to all sources, the People’s Republic of China is strong. The nation is united, the military unmatched, the economy vibrant, and the people ever joyful. Brilliant! Read it all 🙂 I don’t remember the Onion […]

The Canadian Pavilion – Expo 2010

I was expecting Douglas Fir, Cedar, stone, lots and lots of glass and a totem pole thrown in somewhere, which are usually the to-go-to materials for anything Canadian designed for an international audience. Very un-Canadian…which is probably why I kind of like it 🙂 I’m not sure what they are trying to do with this.  […]

Internet Overlords

Facebook is now blocked in China. You know sometimes when I walk the streets of Shanghai I think “wow, amazing…really, truly amazing…maybe we have a leader here”. Then they go pull stuff like this….. and I think…”no…not even close”

Getting an Indian Visa in Shanghai Part I

I titled this part I because I am fairly certain that there are going to be subsequent entries.  Shades of gray from last years Russian visa experience. My morning email transaction. Hello, I’m a Canadian passport holder with a Chinese F-Category visa.  I would like to know if I qualify to apply for  an Indian […]

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