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The Most Dangerous Coffee in Kingston
The Most Dangerous Coffee in Kingston

I’m in a transit planning class and our first assignment has us evaluating an intermodal journey.  This basically means we have to walk, skip and jump our way to another city via the street, public transit and some sort of other non-car mode…then write about what we liked and didn’t.  Grad School is tough (honestly […]

Yes…YOU have my wallet

If wondering whose wallet you have in your hands persuaded you towards google…you may have encountered ME!.  Yes…you have it…you found it on a bus from Bohinj to Ljubjana and didn’t bother to give it back to me as I stepped off the bus (It fell out of my pocket and was most likely sitting […]

Public Transit in Nanjing

After several weeks of lecturing regarding the financial and time benefits of utilizing the Nanjing transit system, I managed to convince a friend to step on one of the buses….and the verdict is…”Ah, it wasn’t that bad!”Exactly. It never will cease to amaze me how few foreigners take advantage of this system and rely completely […]

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