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Blog Futures

This blog is on life support, and I am not entirely clear on what direction I plan on taking it.  Social media is certainly a more efficient method with which to share items, thoughts and comments to a wide range of friends, family and associates.  On a macro level, it’s been argued by some that […]

WordPress 2.7
WordPress 2.7

2.7 is finally out and I’m generally impressed so far. The interface feels a lot like the old MovableType cms that I used back in the day but without all of the usual MT nonesense.  I would say this release has a far heavier feel than the previous 2.6 series but in the good way […]

Getting back into the feeds – Blogs, Beijing, RSS

For the time being I’ve opted against purchasing Internet for my apartment largely because of the expense incurred for just one user and the fact that SURP has a very decent connection and wireless is available all over campus.  This means I can’t browse the headlines in the morning or in the evening (unless I’m […]

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