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The Great Firewall of China

My frustration with internet in China continues…although speeds today were not to bad. The seedy, illicit air of this cafe belies the fact that these venues are under official scrutiny. All customers must register with identity documents, ensuring that the country’s Internet police force — alleged to be 30,000-strong — can track them down easily. […]


From the Guardian. Some 200 million people could be left out in the cold in China this winter, the state-run media warned yesterday, as energy shortages threatened the traditional switching on of the nation’s centrally planned central heating system. The China Daily said Beijing has only 50% of the coal it needs this winter, while […]


I went to a Halloween Party put on by two FT’s for their students at NNU. They had set up a haunted house (ie. Dark room with spaghetti, peeled grapes and spooky music). Anyways, I was appointed, along with another FT, the task of scaring the shit out of groups of unsuspecting Chinese English students. […]


This past weeked has really backed up my work schedule, not a lot of time for posting, but I wanted to mention that everyone should read The Walrus. It’s sort of like the Canadian version of the very, very, very good Atlantic magazine. Couldn’t resist this…for all of you people whining about how Canadian ‘soverigntry’ […]

The Chinese Los Alamos

40 years ago yesterday, China became the world’s fifth nuclear power. When China shocked the world with the appearance of a mushroom cloud over the Lop Nur salt lake on Oct. 16, 1964 — 40 years ago yesterday — it was the fruit of arduous work at “Nuclear City” in northwestern Qinghai Province. I wonder […]

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