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Beijing to New York on foot

By Bryan | travel

Nice to see hear of folks who still carry compasses around with them when they [&hellip

How to melt one’s brain in 12 easy hours – A day at the China International Urban Planning Conference

By Bryan | china, urban planning

Some topics of note: Perceptions of Shanghai – Politics of Built Form (Foreign interpretation regarding [&hellip

Skyscraper Fire

Skyscraper Fire

By Bryan | china, urban planning

I’ve never seen, except in movies and the time that my building in SimTower caught [&hellip

Getting back into the feeds – Blogs, Beijing, RSS

By Bryan | blog, canada, china, Kingston, queens

For the time being I’ve opted against purchasing Internet for my apartment largely because of [&hellip

“On this spot in 1989 nothing happened here”

By Bryan | china, politics

Well, not quite as the writers of Family Guy so sarcastically wrote into one episode. [&hellip