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Last weekend of the season!
Last weekend of the season!

Just about ready to blast out to the hill for the last couple days of the 2012 season!  The slush cup awaits, as does my first BCIT examination on Monday…soils…booo. Going to try out Pilsner Urquell this weekend.  Apparently it is the original pilsner beer and thankfully isn’t spelt the same way as Steve Urkel. […]

Pineapples II
Pineapples II

Pineapple season (missing photo) was always something I looked forward to during the Nanjing days (most the few posts have been referencing times past…must be feeling nostalgic).  Arriving by the dump-truck load, the pineapples would be piled into every nook and cranny of your local street fruit/vegetable merchant.  A whole pineapple would set one back […]

Beer Tasting with Big Rock Brewery
Beer Tasting with Big Rock Brewery

Every once in awhile Queen’s Alumni Association holds events such as networking 101, wine tasting and how to tie-a-tie.  I’m already quite good with the double windsor, and I don’t like wine.  There.  I said it. I do like beer and was quite happy when I heard that Big Rock Brewery was holding a beer-tasting […]

Nanjing at Night

There is a thread going on over at The Straight Dope asking the fairly straight forward question of “do you go to bars alone?” The verdict seems to be it is quite common among many. You can now add me to the category of ‘those who hang out AT the bar, IN the bar…alone”. In […]

Formaldahyde and Tsingtao
Drinking in Nanjing

Picked up the latest copy of Map Magazine at Skyways today. I had the pleasure of reading an absolute gem of an interview with one of Nanjing’s apparent foremost ‘foreign bar manager’. It wasn’t so much the writing, nor was it the interviewer that bothered me enough to cut short and afternoon of errands and […]

Confessions of a Tingbudonged Foreigner
T Squared
Dig it? II

The ditch digging is an all night affair in China, but there were about twenty guys on the night crew. I was surprised to see that many guys digging a ditch in the very early morning hours. However, I’m sure they were much more surprised to see a white dude stumbling down the alleyway at […]


I went to a Halloween Party put on by two FT’s for their students at NNU. They had set up a haunted house (ie. Dark room with spaghetti, peeled grapes and spooky music). Anyways, I was appointed, along with another FT, the task of scaring the shit out of groups of unsuspecting Chinese English students. […]

Slow Speed

I’ve almost got all my photos from last weekend resized, optimized and embedded into my webpage. I was hoping to have them up tonight, but it would seem that my high speed ADSL connection, isn’t really as high speed as I would have hoped. I’d say it is about the same speed as dial up…except […]


My plan for tonight was to post about my expedition over to Anhui, but as it turns out a representative from Sunderland University (UK) arrived today on a recruiting mission and the entire department was required for entertainment. I love Chinese dinners. The amount of food is absolutely ridiculous…it just keeps coming…as does the beer. […]

Electric stairs and noodles

I discovered today that the madness commonly associated with walking down a Chinese sidewalk/speedway can also be applied to Chinese grocery stores. I went shopping yesterday for food (I’ve pretty much had it with the cafeteria) and other assorted essentials at the local Sugou. It is interesting to note that this particular grocery store is […]

The Blue Sky

Last night, Annie took me down to Hunan Road which, I am told, is the ‘place’ to be on weekend nights. Somewhere, I don’t know exactly (despite being a geography grad and surveyor) along Hunan Road is this massive pedestrian boulevard. This storefront and building lights here are incredible. That, coupled with the sheer number […]

Urban Navigator

Big downtown Vancouver adventure today. Well, not really. There are a few people (you know who you are…) who claim that I cannot navigate the urban landscape. I held my own quite admirably. Picked up my plane ticket and then exchanged a hefty amount of loonies for Maobacks. Never have handled that much real live […]


I find myself back over in Vancouver for the remainder of my stay in Canada. I had a box (a combination backlash against cool, deck and all of those other words) weekend over in Victoria. One of the best I’ve had in along time. More dancing than I could shake a leg at. Drinking beer […]

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