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Map and raster geek alert. The Province of BC has posted a bunch of their geo data online @ Distributed in kind of a webGIS format, the webpage presently incorporates parcel data, forest covers, health services into Microsoft Bing Maps.  Fairly basic data set at the moment, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it […]

Powering Asia
Should we be in Afghanistan? III
China, B.C. II
Apparently I support murderers….

This is what I was accused of today for stating that I support ISAF involvement in Afghanistan….don’t worry, I’m just as confused as you probably will be. I want to see you explain to your grandchildren why you not only stood by and did nothing while innocents were tortured and murdered, but you actually supported […]


Google News, my primary source of well…news…has spiraled down into complete uselessness. Yahoo isn’t much better. Therefore, I am denied a very good news crawler and must resort to individually surfing around various sites for tidbits from the outside world. However, I can get CBC radio, unfortunately my free time doesn’t correspond to their programming […]

The Great Firewall of China

My frustration with internet in China continues…although speeds today were not to bad. The seedy, illicit air of this cafe belies the fact that these venues are under official scrutiny. All customers must register with identity documents, ensuring that the country’s Internet police force — alleged to be 30,000-strong — can track them down easily. […]

Pack the Heat

With news that kidnapped aid worker Margaret Hassan has been executed in Iraq, I thought it would be appropriate to post something that I came across (scroll about a quarter of the way down the page) a few weeks ago which was written in response to a previous execution. If the FCO wants to issue […]

Weekend Warriors

From the organization which brought you four dead Canadians in Afghanistan. Best part is, you only serve two weekends a month…. A National Guard F-16 fighter jet on a nighttime training mission strafed an elementary school with 25 rounds of ammunition, authorities said Thursday. No one was injured. Alright…is it just me, or does anyone […]

Missle Defense

I know I’m deviating from my recent Chinese theme, but I want to throw in my two bits on some Canadian issues. Parliament is set to vote on involvement in the American fronted missile defense project, and it looks like it is going to pass. “The government agreed Monday to hold a Commons vote on […]

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