Ulan Bator

A nation of one city. Capital of Mongolia (Sept 2006)

Tsetserleg & White Lake

600km southwest of Ulan Bator. Population: 17,000 Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake - Great place to be a recluse (Sept 2006)

Trans-Mongolian Railway

Beijing to Ulan Bator (Sept 2006)

Mongolian Waterfall

I can\'t recall the name of this fall. We stopped at it during the first day of our Mongol jeep trek (Sept 2006)

Yak Racing

Just your average Saturday yak race (Sept 2006)


On the road to Mörön - We didn\'t spend much time in that town (too rough, according to our driver) - Sept 2006

Ger Life

Life on the Mongolian steppe

Lake Khövsgöl

Southern Mongolian sister of Baikal

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