Last weekend of the season!
Last weekend of the season!

Just about ready to blast out to the hill for the last couple days of the 2012 season!  The slush cup awaits, as does my first BCIT examination on Monday…soils…booo. Going to try out Pilsner Urquell this weekend.  Apparently it is the original pilsner beer and thankfully isn’t spelt the same way as Steve Urkel. […]

Winter 2011
Winter 2011

Some stuff from last week.

…this match will determine once and for all which is the greatest nation on earth: North Korea or Portugal!
...this match will determine once and for all which is the greatest nation on earth: North Korea or Portugal!

    North Korea vs. Portugal 21 June  8:30am (AT) Lots floating around about North Korea’s attempt (105th in FIFA rankings) at football dominance in 2010. Of course, it was only a matter of time before the Dear Leader would be invoked as the force behind the team. The North Korean player who scored a […]

Eating Flies @ Lemoine Point
Eating Flies @ Lemoine Point

Kingston is experiencing some kind of fly breeding season.  Millions of these little bastards are infesting the airspaces and while they are merely a nuisance to pedestrians, they are down right nasty when you are riding.  I rode out to Lemoine Point this afternoon and came back covered head to toe in little black flies.  […]

Vancouver Twenty-Ten Finish

Since it is being compared to Paul Henderson’s 1972 goal (which is an important piece of Canadian history) it seems fitting that I should mention where I was for Sidney Crosby’s massive 2010 gold medal winning overtime goal over Team USA. @ The Duke – Kingston, Ontario with my friends and colleagues from SURP. We […]

Moan the Podium

Day 10 and we stand in 5th place with 8 medals…even South Korea is ahead. I for one, place the blame squarely on these fellows. It is one thing to excessively fund the team, but it is something else to arrogantly predict them to win a huge chunk of the medals.  I haven’t heard of […]

2010 Mogul Gold

One of the perks of winning some kind of Olympic hardware in Canada is a lifelong membership with either CBC or CTV as…well…a face on their coverage team.  Jean-Luc Brassard showed up during the CTV interview with Alexandre Bilodeau musing of days past (read: man, I wish I was allowed to have big air like […]

Vancouver 2010 – Opening Ceremonies
Vancouver 2010 – Opening Ceremonies

Some bizarre scenes from the pre-shows running up to the opening ceremonies included MuchMusic making its first and probably last appearance in a supporting role to CTV’s Olympic media juggernaut.  VJ’s, hot tubs and bikinis?  Body shots?  As a TV segment just before the Opening Ceremonies?  Oh my… Showing the luge crash???  Bad taste. Off […]

Tremblant ‘10
Tremblant ‘10

I spent the last two days bombing around Quebec’s Mont Tremblant ski resort.  I wanted to get the Eastern Canadian ski experience while I’m still out east and get a coffee mug to prove it. Tremblant is an IntraWest instant resort-in-a-can, with the standard pedestrian village,  hot spring spa, tubing, skating and over-priced food stuffs.   […]

2010 Olympic Torch Relay – Portsmouth Harbour

This will be my second Olympic Torch experience and I find that rather odd given that I’m can be indifferent regarding Torch relays.  Yet the flame keeps stalking me… First, it was Nanjing, city of 6 million….right past my apartment accompanied by 500,000 screaming well-wishers. Now it’s tiny Kingston…this time it is on a boat, […]

October Stuff

Squeeze an image/media entry in amongst the seemingly ever mounting SURP work. From the CBC a few days back and while it is hardly an original comparison, I had to insert the images (just because I’m a Star Wars geek). This is an eigenharp, created 2009 and not in a galaxy, far, far away.  It’s […]

Canada’s 2010 Olympic Team

As part of my ongoing effort to distance myself as much as possible from school-related nonsense, I surveyed Canada’s 2010 Winter Olympic team. Or as I like to call them, Team $100 million…they better bring home the gold bacon is all I have to say. Canadians love pride themselves on the notion of multiculturalism. Kingston, […]

Urban Cross-Country Skiing

This is a very new phenomenon for me and I still remain surprised that I never considered it before given that more complex and site specific pastime of urban riding (of the alpine and snowboard variety) is quite common in the streets of ski town of Rossland BC. I saw my first skier along the […]

Everest in Flames

The good kind. The Olympic flame has reached the top of the world. Live television footage showed a Chinese mountaineering team holding up a specially designed torch along with Chinese and Olympic flags Thursday on the top of Mount Everest. I’m quite impressed by the feat. Achieving a summit is admirable in itself, but managing […]

Ski School
Skiing in Heilongjiang

I just might get this desperate. The new facility will be the second- largest of its kind in the world – second only to an indoor ski area in suburban Tokyo – offering a 40-meter-high hill with trails that run more than 300 meters in length, according to the developer Shanghai Dashun Hokkaido Skiing Co. […]

Space Exams

I held oral examinations for my class today. I was required to structure the exam exactly like the oral component of the IELTS. Problem is, although I know the structure of the test, my marking guide basically consists of two or three sentences for each band score (IELTS marks are handed out as bands, from […]

Das Gym

One of the many goals I have while over in China is to pack on some pounds. My gym time over the past two years has been sporatic and working in silviculture all summer is a real calorie burner. My company had a running joke that we would probably double our income by starting a […]

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