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Nothing Much
The Side Alley
Tuned Out
Fun at China Telecom
Wasting Saturday Night Watching Cheap DVD’s
Caught in the Middle.

Last night I attended a Christmas carole sess which some of my FT friends put on for their students. It was long before it was discovered that I was from Canada…and the requests for the Canadian national anthem began to pour in. I haven’t sang the anthem in ages (actually, I haven’t sang in decades…for […]

Cookies and English

What was written the box of cookies I bought today. Feast is the concept. The purpose is to present the visual perception of the richness and variety of a handsome gift, which consists of product and blessing; to share with friends and family not only delicate taste, but joy and happiness. …while not bad tasting, […]

Dig it? II

The ditch digging is an all night affair in China, but there were about twenty guys on the night crew. I was surprised to see that many guys digging a ditch in the very early morning hours. However, I’m sure they were much more surprised to see a white dude stumbling down the alleyway at […]

Dig it?

For the past two days the city has been ripping up the street outside of my apartment. I believe they are running a natural gas line into the residential area, but it could be for a number of reasons. The strip hole is being dug by hand, with the assistance of a single jackhammer powered […]


Apparently the quality of a haircut is measured in time, not the price. I went for a trim after my last class, which set me back five kuai and ten minutes. Just a simple cut, but a kick ass bargin, in both price and time. One of my collegues couldn’t believe that I had shelled […]

Got Wood?

In terms the resource scarcity problems facing the P.R.C., the energy plight of Chinese cities often receives the most media attention. Energy is the most basic resource unit, from which all other resources are derived, it is also the one resource which can be said that everyone is concerned about. Therefore, it is not surprising […]


Google News, my primary source of well…news…has spiraled down into complete uselessness. Yahoo isn’t much better. Therefore, I am denied a very good news crawler and must resort to individually surfing around various sites for tidbits from the outside world. However, I can get CBC radio, unfortunately my free time doesn’t correspond to their programming […]

China Pants

I decided yesterday that I needed another pair of black pants, I’ve got several already, but aside from the weekend, it’s pretty much all I wear. So yesterday I moseyed on down to the Zellers-esque store that’s relatively close to my apartment. I’ve been here a month and a half and have had trouble on […]

Space Exams

I held oral examinations for my class today. I was required to structure the exam exactly like the oral component of the IELTS. Problem is, although I know the structure of the test, my marking guide basically consists of two or three sentences for each band score (IELTS marks are handed out as bands, from […]

The Great Firewall of China

My frustration with internet in China continues…although speeds today were not to bad. The seedy, illicit air of this cafe belies the fact that these venues are under official scrutiny. All customers must register with identity documents, ensuring that the country’s Internet police force — alleged to be 30,000-strong — can track them down easily. […]


On my way home last night I ran into some foreign students/teachers I know…apparently there was to be some drinking that evening. Initially, I wasn’t going to go, as I had a 8am class to teach in the morning, however, stupidity always wins in the end. “You know man, you’ve done this type of thing […]


From the Guardian. Some 200 million people could be left out in the cold in China this winter, the state-run media warned yesterday, as energy shortages threatened the traditional switching on of the nation’s centrally planned central heating system. The China Daily said Beijing has only 50% of the coal it needs this winter, while […]

Das Gym

One of the many goals I have while over in China is to pack on some pounds. My gym time over the past two years has been sporatic and working in silviculture all summer is a real calorie burner. My company had a running joke that we would probably double our income by starting a […]


I was walking to campus this afternoon to plan out my lessons for tomorrow and this old dude on a bicycle rode up beside me and started chattin’ away to me in Chinese. Like I’ve mentioned earlier, I really don’t speak any Mandarin, and it is very hard to learn when a) you are not […]


I just about threw my ADSL modem out the window this morning. Nine times out of ten, I’m running at speeds that are less than dial up. For example, I logged into MT this morning, then took a shower and made my bed. When I returned only about half of the start page had loaded. […]

11th Hour of the 11th Day, of the 11th Month

This will be the first time in many years that I haven’t attended a Remembrance Day ceremony. I didn’t have a poppy this year, so I made my own, but it fell off a few days ago. On 15 September 1944, a flight of Hawker Typhoons from No. 438 RCAF Squadron (Wild Cats) took off […]

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