Obama and Nuclear Deterrence
Obama and Nuclear Deterrence

Everyone has one or two obscure interests.  I think I have about ten…or maybe eleven?  Just wait to you get a load of this amateur fringe interest… …nuclear deterrence theory. I’m sure you are all dying to be my friend now, huh?.  Plutonic, perhaps? Sometimes one forgets their interests, and deterrence theory vanished into my […]

November 11 – 2009

I like to repost this each 11/11 with some variation.   August 19th, 1944 Dear Mr. Morrison:- Before you receive this letter you will have had a telegram informing you of the very sad loss of your son, Flying Officer W.H. Morrison. It is with regret that I write to you this date to convey […]

Urban Air Bases
Urban Air Bases

Every third or fourth day, military aircraft will rip back and forth over the skies of Fudan University, on manoeuvres, playing war games, training or perhaps just flying the flag to the students below. I can hear them right now and rationally, I am quite interested where they are basing from.  Airports and airfields are […]

Boom Times
Boom Times

The placement of munitions factories popped up in a lecture today regarding an old Second World War arms factory in Ajax, Ontario.  For obvious reason, war-time munition factories required a clear 5km buffer radius around the site.  A five kilometer radius is a considerable amount of idle land surrounding an industrial land-use and I was […]

Wikipedia and the Mumbai Attack

I am continually surprised with how quickly information appears on wikipedia.  Indian special forces units have cleared out the last remaining resistance in the Taj Hotel earlier this morning and there is apparently still concern that there might be more terrorists still hidden in the hotel.  Needless to say, the event in ongoing even as […]

November 11 – 2008
November 11 - 2008
Weekend Update

I’m currently munching my way through a multiculturalism planning paper so I’m a bit empty headed regarding posting concerns but I think I might post the paper when I’m finished as it is not very long and reads more as a narrative story rather than an essay. Some interesting things from this week: The Canadian […]


Just wrapping up two quick days in Belgrade. My travels have rapidly devolved into the standard North American adventure in Europe – ie. blasting through as much as possible in the shortest possible amount of time. Busing tonight over to Kotor on the Montenegro coast and then back up to Sarajevo and then over to […]


After over a week of nonsense, I’m rather relieved that (with the exception of a disagreeing wireless driver) my computer is back and running in top form. 200RMB for a new CD drive (to install XP), 200RMB to repair my external HD, which contained item which, ironically, I placed there to be safe and 200RMB […]

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