Kingston 2014
Kingston 2014

This is my favourite photo of Kingston.  Yeah, I know, it’s been doctored with some silly Photoshop antics, but it manages to captures the uniqueness of the city in a manner that only someone who has lived there would appreciate.  The old S&R department store, a mainstay of downtown Kingston closed in 2009, but has […]

Coffee in the Peace
Coffee in the Peace

When I lived in Nanjing, I wrote a short piece on the various coffee joints found scattered around that great city (that must now be horribly out of date) and I did the same for when I lived in Kingston, including my not-so-flattering thoughts on the Starbucks off the 401.  Lacking any decent cafe’s I […]

Earth Hour 2012–Fail

The criticisms of Earth Hour are quite scathing and I generally agree with many of them.  Still, might as well try to do something. Despite the slacktivistic nature of Earth Hour, choosing to observe it in a genuine fashion can be difficult within even the most progressive communities, and thus, damn near impossible in a […]

Winter 2011
Winter 2011

Some stuff from last week.

Taylor, BC
Taylor, BC

I have probably watched more television since returning home then I have in the past ten years.  My years of television absence was largely the product of laziness in the sense that I was too much of a couch potato to actually go out and buy a television set, opting instead to watch downloaded films, […]

When the weight comes down
When the weight comes down

Sometimes I’ll say the only thing I got out of grad school was 15 pounds of fat and now I’ve even lost that.  Mackenzie is lacking a lot of things…but good fitness facilities isn’t one of them.  The bizarre thing about people and their new year fitness resolutions is the proportionality between the appearance new […]


My job stalking landed me at the City of Surrey website tonight where I noticed an open Planner I position.  Surrey, like most larger communities, operates a rather silly and confusing online application system.  One doesn’t need to create an account to view available positions, but I thought it might be a good idea in […]


Seven years of website fun! I suppose I could have waited until a 10 year operational anniversary, but…I needed a good topic for the first post of the year. Connected with descendents of my Great Uncle’s Typhoon squadron Was provided information regarding a memorial cairn created for my Great-Uncle in France. Acquired a long-term internet […]

An evening with Wikipedia and The road from Rome to the size-acceptance movement

It all began with HBO’s Rome and a further interest in two of the main characters, Titus Pullo and Lucius Vorenus.  The series is historical, but what about these two characters?  That’s all I wanted to know.  A quick 2 minute detour from media player onto the internet. Sure, no problem. Turns out both Titus […]

Getting an Indian Visa in Shanghai II

The Guangdong Development Bank Tower at 555 Xu Jia Hui Road is a rather unassuming building. A typical, early 00’s 35+ floor Chinese modernist piece.  The stained white square tiled landscaping, the water/dust tarnished exterior stone material,  the marble encased entrance, the marble flooring, the bored security guards, the empty and abused floor space, the […]

Gallery Down

I have just noticed some serious errors in my gallery page.  Thus, that part of the site might be down for awhile as I figure it out.  Sorry to disappoint as I know that that particular page is one of the most popular hits on internet and you are just dying to get back in […]

Countries fomerly part of Mother Russia II

Any journey through the Baltics (and I’m not talking about the purple Monopoly Property) usually involves more than just a single nation traverse unless visiting one of the tiny three is your life long travel goal.  Once you are in one, you can’t get out without going through another (unless you fly, take a boat […]

Statistical Anomaly
Statistical Anomaly

I need to place a disclaimer at the top of this entry.  I rarely write about my ‘life’ and prefer to avoid the topic as much as possible within the walls of this website.  This isn’t to say that such entries are absent…if you scroll around in the archives I’m sure you’ll dig up some […]

CBC Radio

Arriving home last night at around 11:30 I flip on the radio… “Why is Randy on”?  It’s Friday already?….shit…it is Friday. So here I am on a chilly Friday night listening to Randy Bachman (yup, the BTO guy) strum away on his guitar while dishing out random factoids about about obscure music (I never would […]

Library Loans

“Planning in Ontario 1966-1975: A Review of Activities” – according to the library record, the last person to sign out this beast was in 1986.  Given the huge popularity of this masterpiece I am only provided a measely one week loan – the rationale being that this is a government document and that Canadians around […]


Yeah, I’m still around – but don’t expect any big post in the next few weeks.  If you do, it is because I need to bust myself away from the super-duper exciting world of planning school examination/project period. I swear, I will die at my computer…while using AutoCAD.  I’m not kidding when I say my […]


I had forgotten how annoying Halloween is. I don’t like shopping and I especially don’t like purchasing items that I will probably only use once, and those two acts compile are large part of the Halloween experience. I don’t really like dressing up either, but I like a good party – and Halloween parties, unfortunately, […]


The Homecoming tradition is not much of a tradition in Canada…in fact, if one considers Wikipedia to be the all seeing, all knowing authority on anything and everything then there are only really two Canadian institutions that observe this phenomenon.  Queen’s and Western…and I happen to find myself at one of them. Homecoming is a […]

Plumbing in Kingston

I failed to mention that I had some rather annoying plumbing issues that I discovered when I first moved into my suite.  Adequate plumbing is not generally something one considers when browsing for housing – one just assumes that the toilet will flush and the water will drain within a reasonable time period. The first […]

Last week in Nanjing

Life in the Big Red without a passport is like life without arms or legs – you are consistently denied service, forced into a helpless infant like position in which you must rely upon many others for otherwise simple and menial tasks. For the record…yes I do have numerous copies of my passport (which is […]

Don’t pull my tail! Cats and coffee in Tokyo

Wi-fi and magazines not enough for you? Tokyo – Just around the corner from the pulsing blare and brightness of the Akihabara electronics and anime district, cafe Neko JaLaLa is an oasis of calm. Past the brass, paw-handled door to the inner sanctum, denizens loll on the thick carpet, drape over couches, and almost purr […]

Cookies and English

What was written the box of cookies I bought today. Feast is the concept. The purpose is to present the visual perception of the richness and variety of a handsome gift, which consists of product and blessing; to share with friends and family not only delicate taste, but joy and happiness. …while not bad tasting, […]

One week

Intense frustration with internet combined with utter bewilderment at the mentality, rationality and disrespect people some show to others was a sign that I needed to get away. A week was good, and now I’m back. I also caved in and purchased a mobile phone, and so far it is one of the best purchases […]

Break time

Taking time off from the site…be back in a few.

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