Another Social Media
Another Social Media

I missed the exclusive college Facebook launch in 2004 and was relegated into the sparse hinterlands of Hi-Five, Multiply and even Friendster before being offered land in Facebook circa 2007ish.  Taking a look at the 2010 map, I see that I still have properties in Skype, the blog islands, Youtube, a vacant condo in Twitter […]


It’s not new, and I wouldn’t say it is as good at tangling one up within the depths of the internet as Wikipedia…and it probably isn’t quite there yet on the technology side…but Wolfram|Alpha is pretty neat. Wolfram Alpha (often stylized as Wolfram|Alpha) is an answer engine developed by Wolfram Research. It is an online […]

The Great Firewall of China

My frustration with internet in China continues…although speeds today were not to bad. The seedy, illicit air of this cafe belies the fact that these venues are under official scrutiny. All customers must register with identity documents, ensuring that the country’s Internet police force — alleged to be 30,000-strong — can track them down easily. […]


I just about threw my ADSL modem out the window this morning. Nine times out of ten, I’m running at speeds that are less than dial up. For example, I logged into MT this morning, then took a shower and made my bed. When I returned only about half of the start page had loaded. […]

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