An evening with Wikipedia and The road from Rome to the size-acceptance movement

It all began with HBO’s Rome and a further interest in two of the main characters, Titus Pullo and Lucius Vorenus.  The series is historical, but what about these two characters?  That’s all I wanted to know.  A quick 2 minute detour from media player onto the internet. Sure, no problem. Turns out both Titus […]

The Onion has been bought out by State Controlled Media!

America’s Finest News Source is now owned by Yu Wan Mei: Amalgamated Fisheries Salvage and Polymer Injection Corp… NEW YORK—According to all sources, the People’s Republic of China is strong. The nation is united, the military unmatched, the economy vibrant, and the people ever joyful. Brilliant! Read it all 🙂 I don’t remember the Onion […]

The Ottawa Zoo
The Ottawa Zoo

I don’t have internet or television in my flat, but I do have CBC radio which has the nasty habit of broadcasting news updates every half-hour.  So, for the past several days I’ve been receiving great chunks of comedy every thirty minutes in the form of sound bites from Question Period at the Canadian Parliment. […]

Some websites

A colleague walks into my office yesterday and introduces me to tiny little site called Stuff White People Like – with the proviso that he isn’t going to be responsible for any procrastination or large amounts of time lost as a result of this introduction. I haven’t laughed that consistently since Tropic Thunder.  Probably my […]

Procrastination Animation

From – Try watching this for a few moments and become hopelessly lost and strangely amused.

How to get a Russian visa in Shanghai

If you have been wasting time on the is site you are probably aware that I’ve been whining about the perils of obtaining visas from the Russian consulate in Shanghai. I’ve decided to fuse my story with some information so anyone who happens to stumble to this post via some clever search words will have […]

Rising petrol prices and the consumer response

I pulled this off the Planetizen blog (Click to enlarge). So where are you? One gallon is approximately 2.78 liters. My bike is really cool. …actually, I don’t have a bike…but I would say that if I did.

Lowly Worm
China Pants

I decided yesterday that I needed another pair of black pants, I’ve got several already, but aside from the weekend, it’s pretty much all I wear. So yesterday I moseyed on down to the Zellers-esque store that’s relatively close to my apartment. I’ve been here a month and a half and have had trouble on […]

On a less serious note…

Worried about potential troop shortages in Iraq, The Onion reports that the Pentagon is dispatching the 8th Mall Security Division to bolster over-worked Coalition forces. “I had to retrain my eye to spot the particular dangers over here in sand-land,” London said. “Yesterday, this kid with a bulge down his shirtfront comes around the corner. […]

Drive-by Debating

I’ve been slacking off with the content lately eh? My students are in the process of selecting their university and their area of study, so as of two days ago I’ve had to climb the learning curve and become an expert on British higher education. I haven’t told them about drive-by-debating yet. Peter Griffin (Family […]


I am leaving tommorrow for Anhui province on a 3 day expedition with the other FT’s. I can’t remember exactly where in Anhui I am going, but it being paid for by NNU, which is alright by me. I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I was surfing around the various CCTV channels last night […]

Declaration of War

I encountered my very first cockroach, and this wasn’t any ordinary roach…this fellow was a freakin’ M1A1 battle tank. Press Release In an emergency all-night parliamentary meeting, the government of the Republic of Bryan voted unanimously to ignore the UN Rules Governing the Conduct of War and Armed Conflict and pursue a policy of genocide. […]

“I’m not going to be you’re monkey”

John Stewert holds his own against bow-tied Tony Danza hair conservative mutants. “You guys are on CNN! The show leading into me is puppets making prank phone calls. What is wrong with you?!?” I would love to see him take down Bill O’Reilly on the…ahem….”Fair and Balanced” FOX News network…that we all know and love […]

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