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Pineapples II

Pineapples II

By Bryan | canada, china, food, fort st. john, nanjing, personal

Pineapple season (missing photo) was always something I looked forward to during the Nanjing days [&hellip

Black Coffee

By Bryan | blog, china, food, life, personal

MT Blacklist is up and running with it’s surprising large spam database. I’m hoping that [&hellip

Slow Speed

By Bryan | china, food, life, nanjing, personal

I’ve almost got all my photos from last weekend resized, optimized and embedded into my [&hellip

“Free drinks for foreigners”

By Bryan | china, entertainment, food, nanjing, personal

“What?” Yeah, but I’ll get to that later. Two weeks of teaching now under my [&hellip

Electric stairs and noodles

By Bryan | canada, food, nanjing, personal

I discovered today that the madness commonly associated with walking down a Chinese sidewalk/speedway can [&hellip