Long Weekends in Fort Nelson
Long Weekends in Fort Nelson

“A guy in Fort Nelson without a truck is like a hipster in New York without a fixie”…how is either suppose to get around and look cool doing it? My old Dodge has been receiving some auto body TLC following a series of unfortunate vandal events a couple of months ago and I’ve been making […]

Creative Commons & Permission
Creative Commons & Permission

Some unfortunate activities have required me to remove several of my more recent posts.  I wish to be very clear.  My views, thoughts, opinions expressed on my website are my own and in no way reflect my employer or anyone else.  I take great care in ensuring the material on my website falls well within […]

New Design
New Design

I found in the ten-odd years that I’ve operated this website, that the best way to get back into regular posting is a total redesign.  This is my fourth design, and I’ve chosen an aesthetic that throws more emphasis on photos.  It also updates a number of new WordPress features that have appeared over the […]

White Screen of Death
White Screen of Death

Apparently I am not able to automatically update WordPress which was function that I had been denied for the past several  years due to security concerns from my web host.  It is incredibly handy to be able to instantly install the latest gear.  Unfortunately the site was blasted by the white screen of death on […]

Blog Futures

This blog is on life support, and I am not entirely clear on what direction I plan on taking it.  Social media is certainly a more efficient method with which to share items, thoughts and comments to a wide range of friends, family and associates.  On a macro level, it’s been argued by some that […]


Seven years of website fun! I suppose I could have waited until a 10 year operational anniversary, but…I needed a good topic for the first post of the year. Connected with descendents of my Great Uncle’s Typhoon squadron Was provided information regarding a memorial cairn created for my Great-Uncle in France. Acquired a long-term internet […]

Windows Live Writer

Windows Live Writer can no longer connect with my blog, at least from Leh, where I am now (something to do with using a satellite connection?  Probably not, but the writer worked fine in Delhi).  I use WLW because it is good offline blog publisher with stellar photo integration options.  Internet, being satellite, is expensive […]

An evening with Wikipedia and The road from Rome to the size-acceptance movement

It all began with HBO’s Rome and a further interest in two of the main characters, Titus Pullo and Lucius Vorenus.  The series is historical, but what about these two characters?  That’s all I wanted to know.  A quick 2 minute detour from media player onto the internet. Sure, no problem. Turns out both Titus […]


First 2009 post and 308th post since 2004 when I started this blog.  Actually, I began blogging in 2003 at (without the “-“) but lost that domain, and the 100 or so associated entries because of an amatuerish mistake regarding hosting payments…make sure credit card information is up-to-date or one might find their hosting […]

WordPress 2.7
WordPress 2.7

2.7 is finally out and I’m generally impressed so far. The interface feels a lot like the old MovableType cms that I used back in the day but without all of the usual MT nonesense.  I would say this release has a far heavier feel than the previous 2.6 series but in the good way […]

Getting back into the feeds – Blogs, Beijing, RSS

For the time being I’ve opted against purchasing Internet for my apartment largely because of the expense incurred for just one user and the fact that SURP has a very decent connection and wireless is available all over campus.  This means I can’t browse the headlines in the morning or in the evening (unless I’m […]

Notebook Death

My old averatec officially passed away.  The monitor no longer functions thus effectively removing my ability to keep a decent journal of my activities.  The ability to sit down and type away at when I had the time is one reason I decided to make frequent posts.  Tracking down affordable net-bars just isn’t a very […]

New airports in China

It would appear that the Chinese government remains confident regarding the price and uninterrupted supply of oil…as well as very bullish about future airline passenger numbers. China drafted a long-term plan for development of air cargo, which will require the building of 97 new airports, consolidation of smaller airports and upgrading of certain key airports […]

Google Search Keywords and Me

I was debating whether or not to share this tidbit of inside information but have since decided that it is now post worthy. This change is probably not only because I find this particular item slightly amusing and maybe even a little pitiful also because I think it highlights how much information can be gathered […]

Charity and the reality of disaster logistics

From Jiao Na had come a long way to help the people of Sichuan. A Chinese teacher living in Kunming, she had seen the pictures and heard the cries for help. Not content to mail supplies, she contacted a local health bureau in Chengdu and arranged to purchase the supplies they said they needed […]

More Earthquake Thoughts

I wrote little regarding the recent increase in Chinese nationalism and noticeable rise in anti-western sentiments last month, but to paraphrase my feelings, I continue to be very suspicious and concerned regarding some components of this nationalism, the fenqing (angry youth) and what some bloggers have cleverly described as the Red Guard 2.0 (a play […]

Twitter me this
Twitter me this

This post most likely provides ample evidence that I was not swallowed by the earth or buried in rubble. Unfortunately, many other people have. Tens of thousands of people across southwest China remained buried beneath rubble on Tuesday as rescue workers struggled to reach areas cut off by a powerful earthquake that has left thousands […]

Site Validation

Unfortunately, I just discovered that this site appears absolutely fubar in IE7. It looks fine in Firefox (which is what you should be using anyway :-P) but the layout is terribly mangled in other browsers. This is very embarrassing. I’ll try to get everything validated ASAP. *update* I spent the whole afternoon twiddling with this […]

U2’s “One” – Still relevant? Relevant to China?

I’m probably the last person who should be writing about music. I haven’t followed any sort of artist since…well, I’ve never followed any artist. New music? Ha, I can’t remember any album releases since Matt Good’s Beautiful Midnight back in 1999. Actually, I don’t like writing about music as I feel that some of the […]

Wow, you still have a website?

About a month ago (March?) I realized that it had been roughly a year since I had posted on, or done anything with, my website…except pay hosting and domain fees! Since I have some time at the moment and I’m also feeling in a somewhat creative mood, I mused that it would be a good […]

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