The West Highland Way 8 – Kinlochleven to Fort William

Fortunately, the final 25KM walk from Kinlochleven to Fort William was afforded decent weather and I was able to avoid taking the bus as I had threatened the day before. The final leg of the WHW is quite enjoyable and with the exception of a rather steep ascent immediately outside of Kinlochleven, quite a relaxing final 25KM. It’s also the busiest segment, possibly full of day-trekkers making their way between the two communities.




About half of the day is spend wandering along the military road through Lairigmor (the Great Pass)





About 5KM outside of Fort William, one is awarded with their first view of Ben Nevis (1344m), the highest peak in the Highlands. My original plans had included spending a day climbing Ben Nevis, yet the weather was (as usual) not cooperating. A day of steep ascents after completing a 185KM trek only to be awarded with zero visibility was discarded in favour of a day of lounging around Fort William drinking beer and touring distilleries.

westhighlandway end

This is not the official end of the West Highland Way, but it’s become the most well known. The official end is out in the suburbs, but the town moved the terminus point to the other side of the townsite in order to encourage trekkers to navigate several KM’s of shops, restaurants and hotels.

westhighlandway end2

185KM – 8 Days

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    Some great shots Bryan. Hope the distillery tours were great as well! Cheers.

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