A good library is essential for living near the top of British Columbia

By Bryan • fort nelson, personal, small town, space, urban planning • 1 Oct 2012

I used to buy a lot of books.  Text books to cheezy Star Trek novels.  I had no qualms about dropping piles of dough on a trip to Chapters, Munro’s or Bolen’s when I was living in Victoria.  I had fun in used bookstores too.  Then I used to just wander into bookstores to look…or buy a coffee…or loiter pretending I was intellectual….I’d maybe buy an occasional bargain bin book for a few dollars.  Then it was Amazon…which devolved quickly  into penny books from Amazon.  The kind you purchase for one cent then pay $6.95 in shipping charges.

Now I just go to the library.


Fort Nelson has a really good library.

It occupies a space in a former hotel (along with a theatre, the municipal office and senior housing) that was the victim of a very well done adaptive reuse gig.  If you look closely enough, that sunken space you are comfortably sitting in sipping tea/coffee…it’s actually the old disco floor.  The curriculum is not massive, and the selection of periodicals is so bizarrely random I only recognized three or four titles, but the chairs are bloody awesome and there are actually less squealing kids present that most cafe’s in these parts (philosophically, that’s probably not a good thing, but on a selfish, short term basis, it’s bliss).

Yup…I’m cool.

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  1. Sara

    Yes. Yes you are cool. hahhaha At least you’re making the best of the great north living!

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