Pineapples II

Pineapple season (missing photo) was always something I looked forward to during the Nanjing days (most the few posts have been referencing times past…must be feeling nostalgic).  Arriving by the dump-truck load, the pineapples would be piled into every nook and cranny of your local street fruit/vegetable merchant.  A whole pineapple would set one back about 2RMB (~.20 cents).  Peeled and sliced included in the price. 

It’s pineapple season again, even way up in Fort St. John.  My pineapple @ the local Safeway…$3.99, which is probably close to 25RMB.  Out of season these suckers would probably push $10 per.  If any of my friends from China still read this blog…what is a street pineapple retailing for now?

I bought some Bitburger today, although I was hoping to find some Czechvar (out of stock, of course).  Naturally ended up on Wikipedia this evening.  Bitburger led me through yet another Wiki-surf.     I wasn’t aware that Budweiser, or Budweiser Bürgerbräu is a style of beer from Germany that was copied by Anheuser-Busch for the American market.  Hence why the standard omnipresent Budweiser is sold merely as “Bud” within the European Union.  Throwing this out there, I’ve always viewed Budweiser as a bit of a hick beer, but it appears to have strong roots in brewing history.  That doesn’t mean I forgive the taste.

There was a time when I would buy beer, drink a lot of it and stay out all night participating in shenanigans.  Now I buy beer and read about it on the internet.

*I’ve found a new plugin for Live Writer that allows automatic Wikipedia hyperlinks Smile

2 Responses to Pineapples II

  1. David says:

    pineapple? almost the cheapest friut currenly in China. It costs 5 RMB now. but did you know the prices of other friuts such as apple,kuiwi,peach,cherry, rise like a rocket, haha……

  2. Bryan says:

    Good to hear it is still cheap (my favourite fruit). Apple prices skyrocketing? Wow. Always seemed like such a common fruit.

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