Goodbye King Pen

Despite running a tough-on-crime agenda, tabling the obnoxious omnibus punishment legislation, scaring votes out of the public and promising to BUILD sixteen billion dollars worth of new prisons across the country, our wonderful Conservative Government of Canada (note how I use their descriptive terminology of choice…because I sure do not feel they deserve the title of Government of Canada) is actually closing down prisons (and rehab centres too)The irony. 

I lived next door to King Pen for two years as I slogged away at grad school.  As far as prison architecture and location goes, it has few Canadian rivals.  It was a great land use example of where NIMBY’ism crawls out of the suburbs and dies. 

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  1. Andrew says:

    I was talking a bit to Vanessa about this last night, actually, and was thinking of asking you for a comment. My initial thoughts on the closures were somewhat similar – where are we going to put all the unreported criminals now?! (Too lazy to find the ALT-code for the interrobang.)

  2. Bryan says:

    It’s just bizarre. I suppose they are making the argument that it is time to remove an outdated facility, but it’s not as if it somehow became outdated in the past year. It’s just comes across as a extremely random decision, that and all of the additional cuts to Corrections Canada despite the fact that prisons were a major plank of the government.

  3. Mark says:

    Not too long ago weren’t they talking about Max security prisons in Kingston?

    Also “-where NIMBY’ism crawls out of the suburbs and dies.” Awesome.

  4. Bryan says:

    hah hah – I think it would make a good cartoon or thesis title

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