White Screen of Death

Apparently I am not able to automatically update WordPress which was function that I had been denied for the past several  years due to security concerns from my web host.  It is incredibly handy to be able to instantly install the latest gear.  Unfortunately the site was blasted by the white screen of death on the weekend on account of some plugins that didn’t agree with the WP 3.3.1 release.  Last time I was able to update I was on 3.0.4.  Issue solved this evening. 

I believe I am closing in on 10 years (inconsistent) year of blogging.  I only have archives dating back to late 2003, early 2004 but I first begain posting using html and an error ridden website around late 2002, early 2003.  Blogs still required a bit of coding muscle back then.  Now a the blind can set one up.  Which is awesome.

Here’s an old one from Jan 23, 2004.  These are oldies…only exist on my hard drive in HTML format.

bryancrosby.ca - index

I still have that glass.  In fact, I’m drinking out of it right now.

Man…and I had totally forgotten about the pine boughs…

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