yearofthedragonAs good coin continues to be sunk into this website, it probably is good form (in the spirit of fiscal responsibility) to actually use it, lest it become yet another cobweb.  As previously noted, I have yet to really pull together any real purpose although I believe it might lean more toward the local, with some hints of the international and perhaps some tasteful,  professionally discrete and generally tame muses regarding public service in British Columbia.  Actually, an anonymous group-written website cataloguing public service fails and quirky stakeholders would be absolutely BRILLIANTAnonymous being the elusive word, of course.

I’ve been pondering a new design as well (well, pondering is kind of weak, I’ve decided I will have a new design). White backgrounds seem to be in vogue at the moment.  Maybe a new host too.  Canaca has been good for the past seven years but they’ve placed a lock down on their servers which has a nasty habit of cramping some of the more convenient Word Press options.  Blogs seem to run themselves these days. I remember hand-coding my first one and having to mess around with every single post to make it fit right.

So yeah, 2012.  The year of the Dragon, also known as the once-every-12-year Chinese baby boom.  Auspicious?  You bet! Dragons are associated with wealth, power and luck.  Unfortunately, astrology doesn’t get along with demographics and dragon babies will have to face down more competition to edge ahead of their non-reptilian brothers and sisters.

*takes a sip of Qingdao (import).  It’s not quite the same…probably because it just doesn’t have the right amount of formaldehyde for that cool, crisp, cancerous  aftertaste.

TRAN continues to offer a never ending slate of surprises, especially in the Peace District where the Minister of Transportation & Infrastructure is just down the street, issues pop up faster that well-sites and people move positions like it is going out of style.  I am  hoping to see some SURP faces in this years round of TELP recruiting.  I don’t believe you will be disappointed with the job organization.  In addition to that I have somehow managed to find myself guest lecturing at a local high school and I will also soon be a certified ski patroller.  Still not a huge fan of Fort St. John (to place it as politically as possible) but moving to Dawson Creek continues to be promising as that city appears to be more motivated, progressive and all-around ‘with-it’ as opposed to their northern cousin.

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