It has been a rather long time since I fired up MS Writer 2011 (a very underrated program, IMHO) and hammer out a blog post. One of the more exciting aspects of working for TRAN are the emergency operations (floods, fires, quakes etc.) that one is often required to respond to.  In roughly five months I’ve muddled around in two flood events (mostly with Field Services) one in the Peace (Highway 97) and the other on Highway 37N, in Northwestern B.C.

Highway 37N is probably one of the most underrated travel routes in North America.  I was initially planning to return to Fort St. John via the Yukon and Alaska Highway yet multiple vehicle failures and mishaps put an end to those ambitions.

Bell 2 - Bob Quinn Construction Zone

One of many, many bears.


Immediately south of Bob Quinn airstrip


Around Kinaskan Lake


Stikine River Valley on the way north toward Dease Lake.


Ningunsaw Valley (where most of the major washouts were located).


Ningunsaw Valley, south from Echo Quarry.  The Northwest Transmission Line will pass through on the right side of the Highway.


Armoured banks along the Ningunsaw River to protect road infrastructure.  We placed approximately 11,000m3 of rip-rap material.

13 September 2011 - Bend - 600mm - West Side Downstream

29 September 2011 - Bend - West Side (5)

Some more before/after imagery.


18 September 2011 - Phoebe - West Side (upstream ~275m)7 Oct 2011 - Phoebe - West Side (upstream) (2)


19 September 2011 - Fan Creek - East Side (downstream)7 Oct 2011 - Fan - East Side (downstream)

Safety Dog

22 September 2011 - Red Flat 2 - Safety Dog (Tula) (2)


Open gate 30 days after event.


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  1. julie says:

    love the photos – great fall colors to match that beautifully colored orange reflective vest!

  2. Bryan says:

    Yeah. There are some awesome photos in that area. I didn’t have my nice camera with me though 🙁

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