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This blog is on life support, and I am not entirely clear on what direction I plan on taking it.  Social media is certainly a more efficient method with which to share items, thoughts and comments to a wide range of friends, family and associates.  On a macro level, it’s been argued by some that blogs are dead, supplanted by faster, leaner and meaner services.  On a micro level, I am finding I have l less scribble about than I did when I started this blog eight years ago, and less inclination to share.   I have a lot of entries from my time as an undergrad (sadly, lost in a crash), my time abroad, and my time at grad school, but it becomes a different ball game when a good chunk of my activities are government-related.  On a personal level, while I’m new to the Peace, I’m not new to Northern BC and posting things about an area I am intimately familiar with is not nearly as fun as writing about new experiences.  I certainly miss those China and travel posts.  

The design is  also quite old (at least four years, by my reckoning) and I haven’t kept up with the latest plugins and other ‘must have’ WP add-ons.  WP even has a new social-media platform called BuddyPress.  It really could use a refresh to work in new formats and aesthetics (not that this site was ever an example of cutting edge design and style).

Maintaining an up-to-date WP foundation has also become increasingly less convenient since my host decided to permanently place their servers in safe-mode.  With each WP release (and they seem to have new releases every month) I must manually insert the relevant files via FTP.  Hardly difficult, but monotonous and annoying  procedure nonetheless.  It was an automatic process when not blocked by safe-mode.  I’ve considered moving companies, but a complete migration can also become a big project very quickly.

So that is the latest regarding this popsicle stand.  Maybe I’ll drag it out of its coma.

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